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12th January 2010
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I have just finally made it back after 2 days sitting around Malaga airport waiting for Liverpool airport to re-open following the deluge of snow we have recently had. 


I decided to take a 4 day break in Costa Del Sol just after New Year basically because I am in the process of moving house and would have had to rent a place in the UK as the house I am moving into had not yet completed, so I decided it was a great opportunity to catch some warmer weather and do a bit of work at the same time.  Little did I know that a few days would turn into a week, with the last 2 – 3 days being spent sat in an airport looking at the cancellations popping up on the departure board.  I did however use my time well as I had my beloved laptop in my bag so I got loads done while waiting for Easyjet to reschedule my cancelled flight.


For those of you who travel during the winter when cancellations are a high risk I would strongly advise (particularly with the economy airline) picking up a leaflet on your rights when things go wrong at the airport as this happened to me once before a few years ago and it is now very evident that what you are entitled to and what the airlines try to get away with are two very different things. 


I have to say that I will always use Easyjet or Ryanair etc as I think they are great value for money under normal circumstances, but when things go wrong they are disaster at managing the situation.  I won’t bore you with the details but suffice to say that there were chaotic queues at the check in desk, information desk, waiting for the courtesy bus to take us to the hotel followed by promised free meals which materialised at 10.45pm when most people had gone past it.  


Easyjet can’t be blamed for adverse weather, but I am sure it’s not the first time it’s happened, in fact I know it’s not as I have experienced it before, they simply haven’t got a plan B!  Would I fly Easyjet again?  Definitely.  They are great value for money but it certainly helps knowing how to play the system when their flights are cancelled. 


Did anyone else get caught out with flight cancellations this year? – tell us your experiences


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