Travels on a Pennyfarthing!
10th May 2009
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We are all told how important it is to be customer focussed and to build relationships, so how good are you? Perhaps Babs Cooper owner of Pennyfarthing Cars can show us the key - being interested. Pennyfarthing Cars launched 7 years ago and Babs and her team enjoy chauffeuring people from all walks of life; she says she has the good fortune to meet and talk to interesting people daily. After they have asked where the name came from, and really it did just come to her when she woke one morning, she gets to hear all their fascinating stories. The man who was given a short time to live and is still flying off on holiday years later or the old solidier who is only here with us because he smokes - a bullet was only stopped by his cigarette case! The one that brings a lump to her throat though is the lady who met up with an old flame she had not seen for forty years and over the last few months they have been reunited. Babs says "I wish them luck and hope they find a future together".
It's not only the stories of course but the places that are interesting and when thinking of holidays Babs can recall all the best spots to go, but as she says "I love to travel and still have my photo album of Heathrow from 1959, of course there are many beautiful places and some wonderful countryside out there, but it is always good to come back home to Weymouth".
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