Lisa Worthington reports on Film Dock on Portland
10th March 2009
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The other week I wanted to challenge myself on a cinematic level so I travelled over the Portland causeway to the Royal Manor Theatre, to see the fourth film in Film Dock 's second season of films. Film Dock is an alternative film club whose aim is to challenge local film lovers to view more than the usual multiplex play list. The film on offer was, Hunger, not the cheeriest of movies, it's the story of the six weeks leading up to the death of Bobby Sands, the IRA member who led the 1981 Irish hunger strike in protest against the lack of recognition for policital prisoners. However I felt inspired at such a thought provoking film and now am commited to supporting such an excellent idea that takes me out of my cinema comfort zone and makes me think about more serious issues presented in this medium. Next week it's 'Lost in La Mancha' a documentary following director Terry Gilliam's attempts to get feature film, The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, off the ground. This film is being screened at Weymouth College so it'll be great to compare the 2 venues and see whether this adds to the challenging cinematic experience.....I'll let you know! If you all want to know more then visit until next time.

Lisa Worthington - Tandem Marketing

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