Interview with Hair Moda stylist Chantelle Reece
13th April 2010
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This month The Best of Weymouth interviewed Chantelle Reece. Chantelle is a 21 yr old senior stylist at Hair Moda and has worked there for 3 years.
Best of Weymouth: Chantelle, what inspired you to become a hairdresser?
Chantelle: 'As a child I loved going to the hairdressers with my mum and always used to like helping out in the salon where she went. I used to sweep the hair up, chat to the stylists. I used to love being in such a vibrant atmosphere.'
Best of Weymouth: There are so many famous stylist out there so who has influenced you most?
Chantelle: ' I was lucky enough to be trained by Andrew Barton (hairdresser in TV's 10 Years Younger) about a year ago and I found him hugely inspiration, I really like the way that he cuts, his styles and the way he is constantly moving hair fashion forward.'
Best of Weymouth:
'And what's happening in the world of hairdressing - what new styles should we all be wearing?
Chantelle: 'At the moment choppy, half line bobs are definitely in! These are bobs with lots of layers that create a really dramatic and stylish look.'
Best of Weymouth: 'And finally are there any new exciting products at Hair Moda that we should all know about?'
Chantelle: 'We have this amazing new hair colouring product called Inoa, you may have seen the ads on TV for it. It's a revolutionary new colour technology which leaves the hair with a luxurious colour and a fabulous film star shine.'

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