Got a lead? Now what!
9th March 2009
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"As in golf, football and cricket it is the follow through that counts. Failure to follow though is a business black mark; don't make a marketing stroke with a dead bat"

If only … everyone knew the benefits of what you do and picked up the phone to engage your services without you ever having to do anything. Sadly, research says that over 50 % of people don't buy until they have had some contact with you at least five times. Ouch - how scary is that?

Chose the right approach

Of course a one size approach doesn't fit all and you will need to find the right method for you! Here is one to give you an idea.

First of all your lead has come from someone who has already mentioned your business (1). Therefore you are no longer unknown to your new potential customer. But people have short memories so it is important to move fast.

On immediate receipt of your lead, send a personal email or send your brochure with a hand written note by way of introduction (2). Include the name of the referrer in part of your correspondence. Peer power is very persuasive. Include a testimonial or two to qualify your competence.

Telephone (3) no more than three days later, "hi there I'm Joe Bloggs, of Joe Bloggs services, did you get my mail ok?" ….. "I am going to be in the area on the 30th June, may I pop in to see you?"

Send a postcard (4) to arrive three days before the date, saying that you are looking forward to seeing them on 30th June at 10am. It takes very little time and has huge impact.

By the time you go and see them (5) you have connected with them on four previous occasions, and we already know over 50% of people don't buy until they have contact with you over five times. You have a much greater chance of converting that lead now.

Of course you may need to follow through with quotes and estimates and further phone calls depending on the complexity of your business offer.

Be thrilled.

When someone hands you a referral be thrilled that they passed you a name and contact details and be thoroughly thrilled if it turns into business. Pick up the phone to thank them, pop a hand written thank you note in the post. Let them know how much you appreciate the gesture and they will want to do it again for you.

Get your own leads!

If you work on peoples houses cleaning, or fencing, or gardening for example, pop a business card in the neighbours houses before you leave, every time. The chances are they have seen you working, thought they might ask you if …, but done nothing about it.

Of course, on the other hand you could just assume they will make contact with you.

Laura McHarrie
Business Adviser
Business Link in Dorset

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