An Influx of Responses for Weymouth based SMS marketing company
2nd August 2009
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Influx Mobile, who specialize in SMS, Mobile and Text solutions have seen a huge rise in responses from their recent Mobile campaigns.  Their Managing Director Paul Oughton explains “ Text messaging is a vastly growing medium for companies looking to promote their businesses to a database.  This is due to the fantastic response rates recorded from this form of marketing, which is a very inexpensive form of direct marketing. 

As it is so direct, and with many people able to access the internet from their phones we have found recent response rates to our campaigns phenomenal.  We recently undertook a campaign for a client where we sent 11500 text messages promoting a competition they were offering on their website.  The text message contained a link direct to the website and from this an astonishing 3300 people entered the competition direct from their mobiles.”

Long Messaging – send messages up to a 1000 characters with Influx
Influx are always looking to improve their service to their clients and to create new applications to save them money, create more leads and become more efficient.  Their latest tool is “Concatenated messaging which means their clients are no longer limited to sending messages out at 160 characters long, but can send a long message of up to 1000 characters which will still appear on the recipients phone as one message. 

They are working with a sports club who will be using this feature to send Final Instructions to event competitors which, in turn will save the club time and money whilst ensuring all competitors receive the correct details before the event.

For a free informal consultation regarding SMS and Mobile marketing and how it can help you business call Influx on 01305 340803.  All Best of Members receive a  100 free credits with which you can use to start your Mobile Marketing campaign within minutes. 

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