What to do in the Garden this week (2)
19th October 2011
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It's week 2 of What to do in your Garden - hope you managed to plan your spring display of bulbs and got them all into the groung.

This week is all about the Leaves

The leaves have been absolutely beautiful this year with the deepest shades of red impacting our countryside.  Although they look beautiful they don't do wonders for the garden when they are left on the ground. 

This weeks job - rake up all those leaves.  Leaves left on the ground will deny grass of light.  If left to collect on paths, patios and driveways they can be a potential hazzard - covering up pots rocks, holes, steps causing someone to trip, slip or fall. 

If you need help tidying up your garden and want it to look well kept, call Sweet Pea on 01933 228099

If you've got any hints or tips, do's or don'ts you'd like to share, please feel free to leave them on the blog.


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