Top 5 Health and Fitness Tips
31st January 2011
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Five Days worth of top tips from Mortons Fitness Club in Rushden

Following the flood of recommendations and testimonials coming in from bestof Rushden member, Mortons Fitness Club, I thought I would share some of their advice with you.  Over the next five days I will be publishing one of their top tips every day to give you a taste of what their members are benefiting from:

Day 1.  A Nutrition Tip - Resisting Temptation

Research has proven that if you can resist, and/or turn down that "cheat" - provided you move away from the tempting morsel in question - you will forget about it within two minutes, or even quicker.

You will also be happy, even proud that you managed to resist the temptation.

It's all about getting over the moment.  (The same can apply for helping people quit other cravings such as cigarettes)

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