St Patrick's Day Traditions and where to celebrate.
13th March 2012
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March 17th marks the day of St Patrick, celebrated by millions of people around the world. 

In Ireland, St Patrick’s Day is an important religious day that celebrates the teachings of Christianity by St Patrick (the patron saint of Ireland)

Typical Traditions & Customs of St Patrick’s Day

Wearing green on St Patrick’s Day

Many people wear something green on St Patrick ’s Day which is known in the U.S. and other countries as wearing of the green, but in Ireland people don't tend to wear green.  However, they do wear Shamrocks to symbolize the teaching of the holy trinity by St Patrick. 

Holy day of obligation

Most Christians in Ireland will attend Church and treat it as a day of rest to spend with the family. Family members attend Church wearing their shamrocks and afterwards head home for a large roast, similar to a typical Sunday roast. Some families will watch the St Patrick’s day parades take place in Dublin, New York, Chicago and other major cities.

Drinking green beer

In Ireland you would be hard pushed to find a pub that served green beer and actual fact this is not a typical tradition of Ireland but is that of the U.S. & Canada. 

Some places in Ireland, such as Dublin, may have a few pubs that will serve green beer but for the most part it’s not something they generally do.

Traditionally pubs were shut on St Patricks Day. It wasn’t until the late 1970′s that the Irish law permitted pubs to open their doors on March 17th.

A day of parades & festivals

An American tradition for celebrating St Patrick’s day is the parades. First started in New York City in 1766 the parades have become a major attraction for millions around the world. Today hundreds of parades take places in many different countries with thousands in attendance.

It wasn't until 1995 that the Irish government decided to hold a parade in Dublin, to help boost tourism.  It’s now known in Ireland as St Patrick’s festival which takes place over 5 days with events including art shows, plays, concerts, fun fairs and the main parade.

Celebrate St Patrick's day locally at the Chequers, Yelden.

The Six Nations Rugby will be shown all day with beer offers during every match! (Guiness £2.80pt) 

In the evening there will be an Irish themed party with DJ from 8pm, free raffle and free Irish Stew.


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