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19th February 2010
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 I was not suprised to hear the news this morning that British Gas Profits had jumped by 58% to a record high in 2009.  

If you haven't already heard the residential arm of British Gas saw its operating profit climb to £595m last year from £376m in 2008, and beating it's previous high of £573m in 2007!

I for one won't be putting money in their pockets thanks to Val at the Utility Warehouse.  Val is helping me to save between 20 and 30% on my household bills, just by changeing a few of my shopping habits - i.e. by doing my shopping at Sainsburys and not Tesco.  Not only am I getting money off my utility bills by doing that, I am also getting loads of discounts at other places - the kids had cheap cinema tickets last weekend!





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