Mortons Personal Fitness Club the 4th Tip - Just Do It!!
2nd February 2011
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Day 4's Top Tip from Mortons Personal Fitness Club in Rushden

Make a Booking!!

If there is one single factor to achieving the body of your dreams - indeed well beyond that - it lies in the 'habit of attending'.

Many people analyse how to get much greater fitness results, but it really isn't complicated.  When you come to Mortons, the personal trainers will take over and work to inspire and encourage you, but the initial move has to be yours.

In fact results have shown that the best way to get you to the club is by making sure we both know when you are booked in for your next visit.

That's why, at Mortons we make sure you at least pencil in your session.  So don't be offended when we ask when you are in next.

We are doing it to incentivise you to get the fantastic results you come here for.

Don't put it off!

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