Make the most of marketing in the summer.
1st June 2011
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Summer marketing campaign ideas from S C Agency

The summer period has become as good a time as any to market B2B products or services, as more people take holidays throughout the year.

One obvious way is field marketing which enables face-to-face access to their target audience.

Office staff are more likely to be out and about in their lunch hours during summer months, providing more opportunities for engaging in dialogue.

Ideas could consist of:

Guerrilla marketing utilising busy external locations (e.g. parks, seated areas near offices etc)

Corporate Hospitality (e.g. sponsorship at outside sporting events)

Advertising (e.g. specific busy outdoor sites – tourist attractions)

Promotional Merchandise – summer related products

Seasonal Activity (e.g. Olympics 2012)

Whatever your product or service or brand, there are significant opportunities to promote during the summer months. To leverage them, you must plan ahead to make the most of this time of year –it could just be the sensible time to launch a memorable message.

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