How do we know who to trust in business?
26th November 2010
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This is a question I hear regularly and one that is easy to answer. Trust yourself and you will know who to trust when dealing with people in business.

You will just get that uncomfortable feeling of “this just doesn’t seem right”.  Trust that gut instinct – it will be right.

Business owners will come across sales people every day – we are sales people ourselves! There are some tips that will help you trust your gut instincts:

Take your time when you are deciding if you require other businesses’ services. Evaluate the need and the value added to your business. “Do I really need this, how much value will it create, is it the right time now?”

Be comfortable with who you are dealing with. Research the service the business has provided for other businesses, look for testimonials and make a decision based on what seems right. You will be right.

Some people “play the business game” so how do we establish who’s playing the game with the right intentions and who is acting with their own intentions in mind? Trial and error? This can be costly in time, energy and financially. Trust yourself and if you get that nagging feeling, don’t go with it. It won’t be worth your time and money.

Find relationships in business that you are comfortable with. The market is competitive at the moment make sure you shop around and get the best for you.

If you would like more information on trusting yourself in business or trust worthy local business contacts, please get in touch Jo Webster, NLP Trainer and Coach 07793114144.

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