Have we gone networking mad?
14th December 2009
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Have we gone networking mad?

There are now so many choices when it comes to networking! From really early breakfast meetings such as BNI.. get back to desk for 9.00am to The Business Club where they start at 6pm so your day is over and you can stay on until 9pm or later!  I have recently joined 4N which starts a bit later in the morning and offers a flexible passport system so you can attend lots of meetings.  You get to stand up and introduce yourself, say what you do and what you are looking for at all the meetings.  BNI limits each 'Chapter' to one per category which ensures that you lock out your competition which is very attractive but reduces the potential size of the network. The Business Club has over 170 members and three meeting venues, again 4N is the most flexible in numbers and meetings.

What ever you choose the power of networking can be achieved by getting out and meeting people!

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