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28th January 2011
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Top tips to get you feeling fitter, healthier and happier.

January is definitely a month of doom and gloom for some people, but if you follow some of these simple tips we'll have you feeling a whole lot better by Valentine’s Day on February 14th!


1.  Get a good night's sleep - Try adopting a good bedtime routine.  Our bodies need time to relax before we go to sleep so try to set some time aside each evening to relax, read a book, and have a nice warm bubbly bath.  Don't be tempted to stay up late watching telly or listening to music.  Turn off TV's, Computers and music at least an hour before you go to bed so that the mind can start to relax.

2.  Get some exercise every day.  Even if it's only a 30 minute walk, it's really important to do something.  If you can, join a local gym and set yourself some goals to achieve.  The benefits of exercise are tenfold.  You will start to look and feel better once you start to follow a regular exercise regime.  If you need some advice or motivation I would urge you to check out Morton’s Personal Fitness Club, in Rushden (above Argos). Just look at their testimonials for proof!

3.  Carry out a random act of kindness every day.  However big or small this is guaranteed to make you feel better about yourself and lift self esteem.  Let a local business know that you appreciate them giving them a recommendation.

4.  Think of at least 3 positive things every day.


1.  Get caught up in the fast pace of life.  Slow down and be mindful.

2.  Don't let the cold put you off exercise.

3.  Don't be distracted by material things or always wish for more - real happiness comes from the journey.

Let us know your stories, or things that make you feel happy!



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