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Hyper local marketing and advertising company, The Best of Watford works with trusted businesses, tradesmen, shops and restaurants to help them Get Found and Get Noticed by their potential customers, for an affordable fixed monthly fee. We are The Best of Watford, experts in local marketing in Watford!

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 Marketing and Advertising in Watford

Just a few years ago if you wanted more customers all you needed to do was give them an amazing service and maybe take out the biggest advert you could afford in the Yellow Pages or the local newspaper.

The way to get new customers (and importantly keep them) has changed.

  • 90% of British consumers are going online at least once a day
  • The time we spend online has more than doubled since 2005, from 10 hours a week to more than 20 hours
  • Social networking is mainstream and is now a daily media habit with 81% of users checking in on a daily basis
  • 99% of under 25's are using the internet (57% of over 55 year olds are too)
Helping local businesses shine (and not just online) 
At The Best of Watford we use a combination of multimedia channels and traditional advertising to promote the trusted businesses we work with to an established and growing audience of local people.
We don’t promise the moon on a stick but we do promise to support and advise you as much as we possibly can to get the results you want for your business.

Get Found

Every business that we work with has a search engine friendly business profile on our highly ranked website, helping local people find the businesses, special offers or events they are looking for.

The business profile can act as a second website (or your only one) and increases the chances in being found on search engines like Google or Bing for the key search terms that your customers are using to find your business. 

Get Found and Get Noticed 

We also proactively promote the businesses we work with and their customer reviews, special offers and events, not just on this website but to our established local audience on social media and to the people who subscribe to receive our marketing emails. 

To find out how we do this visit our website for business by clicking here or download our brochure by clicking here.

So who are we?

The Best of Watford is independently owned by Abby Dennis, who also owns Watford Marketing and is the co-founder/co-organiser of the largest business show and networking event in the town, Watford Expo.

As a Watfordian who is born and bred, Abby has an extensive local knowledge and network, as well as being able to provide practical advice and support to help your business get found and noticed.


Who do we work with?

The Best of Watford isn't for every business and we will only ever work with three of the very best in each category, so there is a level of exclusivity and means that we showcase local businesses we know local people will love.

Your reputation is your best marketing tool and we only work with businesses that are recommended. How do we know these businesses are great? Because their customers, local people tell us!

How much does it cost?

Everything we do is bespoke and can be tailored to match your business needs, requirements and budget.

Our marketing plans start from £10 per week, and depending on which plan you choose, we can promote your business in over 20 different ways to local people, businesses and charities.

For our monthly plans visit our website for business by clicking here.

Not what you are looking for? 

Why not connect with us on social media or attend one of our events?

As we work with lots of local businesses, we can also put you in touch with people that we trust for web design, photography, virtual tours, graphic design, print, signage, banners, promotional gifts, venues and more.  
You can find them here on The Best of Watford
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