What should I have from the Indian takeaway?
23rd November 2016
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It is the ingredient that gives curry a yellowish or orange- like colour. It is a natural anti- inflammatory and aids in relieving joint pains caused by arthritis. It also clean and make our livers healthy naturally while some studies say that it can help in keeping Alzheimer’s disease at bay.

Coconut milk

It is derived from a coconut fruit and this milk helps in better digestion and its anti- bacterial properties aid in strengthening our immune system.


A huge variety of this ingredients is being used depending on which region the cook came from. Chilies contain capsicum which aids in shaving off a few pounds as well as making our bodies stronger against free radicals due to its high anti- oxidant property. It is also anti- inflammatory and helps in sleeping better at night.


This is widely known to help in lowering high blood pressure as well as high bad cholesterol levels and it is also believed to help in fighting cancer cells inside out bodies. You can get all these benefits in every curry as no curry ever made without garlic.


This is commonly used not only on curry recipes but also in most Asian dishes. Its aroma gives an additional appeal to the food and to its taste. The medicinal benefits of ginger are pain reliever and treatment for motion sickness and nausea.


Though not all curry recipe has cinnamon on its ingredients, those who have can be eaten by people who are looking to lower their blood sugar levels, bad cholesterol levels and its beneficial for people who has Type 2 diabetes.

You can experience all these health benefits by ordering curry from Warwick spice Takeaway and you’re sure to have your fill of curry dishes that are not only delicious but also good for your health. 

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