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The British Red Cross helps people in times of crisis, providing a range of services in local communities across the UK including Warrington. A selection of our services include Skin Camouflage, Care in the Home Service, Medical Loan Service, Therapeutic Care, Free wheelchair loan, Community Outreach Prevention Service and Fire and Emergency Support Service. Locally based in Knutsford serving Warrington and Cheshire. The British Red Cross is a registered charity.


Who we are?


We are a volunteer-led humanitarian organisation that helps people in crisis, whoever and wherever they are. We enable vulnerable people at home and overseas to prepare for and respond to emergencies in their own communities. And when the crisis is over, we help people recover and move on with their lives. We are locally based in Knutsford serving the people of Cheshire & Warrington.



Care in the Home Service


The Red Cross helps thousands of people following a short stay in hospital and prevents unnecessary hospital admissions by providing extra support and care at home. Our Cheshire team are based at Warrington Hospital and can be contacted on 01925 662668.

How do we help people?

The support offered by our volunteers can smooth the process of settling back into a normal routine and enable people to regain their confidence and independence. The service includes:

  • rebuilding confidence

  • collecting prescriptions

  • offering companionship

  • assistance with shopping.

What skills and training do our volunteers have?



Our volunteers have good interpersonal skills and an understanding of the differing physical needs of service users. All our volunteers are also provided with basic training in social care and first aid skills.



Skin Camouflage


For people with scars or other disfiguring skin conditions, skin camouflage can offer a simple route to improved confidence and independence. Our trained volunteers can teach people how to self-apply specialist cover creams. Our Cheshire team are based at Warrington Hospital.

How do we help people?

Camouflage creams can make a significant difference to disfiguring skin blemishes and provide effective, long-lasting, waterproof cover. They can be used to cover a wide number of visible conditions, including:

  • scarring
  • tattoos
  • rosacea
  • birthmarks
  • skin discoloration
  • other dermatological conditions.

What skills and training do our volunteers have?

All our volunteers receive a comprehensive five-day training course, updated annually, and are provided with a full range of camouflage creams and relevant equipment. They also have good interpersonal skills and a keen understanding of the differing physical needs of service users.



Community Outreach Prevention Service


The transport service offers freedom and independence for people who cannot get about easily or use public transport. We help people to get to medical appointments, to do everyday essentials like shopping, or even just to get out of the house and socialise.

How do we help people?

We can provide a driver with a vehicle to offer door-to-door assistance for those in need. Besides transport, we can also provide an escort who, if necessary, will stay with a client throughout their journey. The service aims to:

  • improve the client's independence
  • offer a trained volunteer escort, if required
  • enable clients to keep appointments safely and efficiently
  • provide freedom of travel for those with mobility problems.

We normally ask for a contribution to our costs, based on mileage used, but no-one will be refused a service because they cannot pay.

What skills and training do our volunteers have?

Our volunteers are fully trained in helping people who have difficulty travelling and those using our specially adapted vehicles must complete accredited driver training.



Fire & Emergency Support Service


Aim of the Service


To provide rapid practical and emotional support to individuals or families who have been involved in a domestic fire or incident to which the Fire Service have been called. Our Cheshire Service is based at Birchwood Fire Station.


How is the service activated?


The Fire Service officer at the incident requests the attendance of the Red Cross Fire & Emergency Support Service via Fire Service Control. Fire Service Control then contacts the volunteers who mobilise the specially equipped vehicle and take it to the incident.


When does the service operate?


The service aims to be available 365 days a year.


How long does it take?


The Red Cross team aims to be at the incident within 90 minutes of being called out by the Fire Service.


What sort of help do we provide?


As well as emotional support we also offer and endless list of practical support including :


· A place of shelter & privacy

· Food & refreshments

· Contact insurance companies, social services, utilities, landlords etc - who may be able to arrange alternative accommodation

· Transport to friends/relatives, alternative accommodation etc

· A change of clothes, footwear

· Washing facilities & toiletries

· Toys & amusements for children

· Food for pets & signpost to pet accommodation providers

· Replacement prescriptions/medicine

· Access to other Red Cross services


The support provided by the Fire & Emergency Support Service is free to the user and supplements that which is provided by the statutory services.


Did you know that we are the 4th emergency service for Manchester Airport?



Medical Equipment Loan Service

Our volunteer-led medical equipment service provides wheelchair hire and short-term loans of equipment in almost 1000 outlets in the UK, helping tens of thousands of people every year.

How do we help people?

The medical equipment service helps people return to their own homes after illness or surgery, enables them to go on holiday with friends or family, and promotes independence. The main types of equipment provided include:

  • wheelchairs
  • backrests
  • bath seats
  • walking sticks and frames
  • commodes, bedpans and urinals.

What skills and training do our volunteers have?

Our volunteers have good interpersonal skills and an understanding of the differing physical needs of service users. All our volunteers are also provided with basic training in social care and first aid skills.



Therapeutic Care


The therapeutic care service helps individuals in stressful situations and times of personal crisis by promoting a sense of well-being and relaxation through gentle massage. The therapy of hand, neck and shoulder massage, given through clothing, can also assist in pain and stress relief.

How do we help people?

Anyone can benefit from therapeutic massage: a patient waiting for treatment or recovering from an illness, a carer or someone who is just feeling tense. The service:

  • reduces stress and pain
  • assists relaxation
  • promotes a sense of well-being
  • offers the chance to talk to someone trained in listening skills.

What skills and training do our volunteers have?

Our volunteers have good interpersonal skills and an understanding of the differing physical needs of service users. All our volunteers are also receive regular skills refresher training.



First Aid Training


First aid saves lives - and helping people to become life-savers is at the heart of what we do. The Red Cross can train you in first aid skills both at work or in your own time.


We provide first aid for the Halton Stadium in Widnes, the Stockton Heath Festival & Warrington Walking Day.


We also provide first aid cover to keep people safe at thousands of public events each year. And if you'd like to be someone people could depend on in an emergency, why not join us as a first aid volunteer?


We offer a wide range of first aid related information.


Please view more via the link -




Funraising Via Recycling


Fundraising is vital to ensure we can support people in crisis whereever they are.


You can help with some really simple fundraising via re-cycled inkjet cartridges & mobile phones.


The British Red Cross will receive £1 for every inkjet cartridge. Send your used inkjets FREE in a padded envelope to the following address : Used Inkjet Appeal, FREEPOST NATE223, Newmarket, CB8 7BR


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