Kids Ear Piercing £50 for the pair, £25 for a single lobe
  • Valid until: 31/08/2019
Kids Ear Piercing £50 for the pair, £25 for a single lobe
Summer Holidays special offer! Kids Piercing £50 for both ears and £25 for a single lobe. 

Is your little one looking to get their ears pierced for the first time this summer? Want to make a better choice than your typical high street store? Then look no further! 

Hola Lotta Love Body Piercing in Walsall are offering a summer holidays special rate for kids lobes (ages 7-14) of £50 for the pair, or £25 for a single lobe. This includes a choice of gems set in titanium, a longer appointment to allow for any pre-piercing panic they might have, a thorough aftercare service including check up and safe, appropriate jewellery. 

This method is safe, far less painful and much more stress free! All the kids leave with a huge grin and a safe hygienically performed piercing. 

Make the smart choice for your precious little ones, see a professional at Hole Lotta Love Body Piercing in Walsall.  

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