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Hypnosis; frequently asked questions.

Have you ever considered Hypnotherapy as a treatment? Here are some frequently asked questions , to help you feel ready. Hypnotherapy is safe effective and enjoyable. So have a read, and if you want further information, give me a call on 01922 649142

Managing stress with Hypnotherapy

23 September 2016 17:43

We oftern look outside ourselves for the sources and solutions to stress, but its often better to start closer to home

Walsall's trapped nerve pain may benefit from acupuncture

In her practice Dr Lee treats many cases of pain caused by nerve compression.

Homeopathy and the vaccination question

if your weighing up your options concerning the vaccination against HPV which is inked to cervical cancer, let's talk to a homeopath

Muscling in on Sport Massage

We need to keep flexible and mobile, not just in the summer when we might strip off for the beach. Sports massage is not just for beach bods its for every bod, sporty or not.

Clearing your head for summer

Here at Walsall Mind and Body we specialise in Complementary and Natural Health Care, which offers alternative ways to tackle health issues, which work with and support your body’s own healing mechanisms.

Walsall Mind and Body Centre now offers Thai Massage and Thai Yoga Massage

The pressing techniques of Thai massage releases tension increasing the circulation to the muscle, and drainage strokes assist waste to be removed. The prepared muscles are then stretched to a range a little more than there normal range.

New To Walsall Mind and Body Centre ‘The Gentleman’s Buff and Polish’

What does it take to be the best in business? Sharp suit, good handshake and a great personal style. Grooming is key to all of that and that's were we can help

Walsall loves massage, and we have the best in the UK

Did you know that a Walsall Family Business provides the 'the most loved massage service in the UK' ?

Is Walsall Buzzing for mechanical massage, with heat and aromatherapy oils?

Looking for a soothing solution to muscle knots, stiffness and tension? Prefer a relaxing treatment to ease it all away? We can help with that. We are now able to offer a premium treatment available in top spars, at Walsall Mind and Body Centre

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