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Mike Kirby
Member since: 23rd July 2018
Last login: 21st March 2022
Hometown: Walsall
Hi, I'm Mike Kirby and I am the Owner and Director of Find & Finance Ltd.

Find & Finance is a unique personal vehicle finding service, helping you find the very best car, van or motorbike within your budget. Our service truly does save you time, hassle and money.

I launched the company in June 2018 (after almost a year of planning) with a strong vision in mind - to transform the customer experience when buying a used vehicle.

I wanted to create a vehicle buying experience that was "Simple, Safe and Special" for the customer, and decided to move away from the traditional "tried and tested" approach of buying and selling a vehicle. But instead move towards a completely "service led" approach - that puts the requirements of a customer before the sale of a vehicle.

A service that is based around 2 major values - total transparency and consistent communication.

We provide a personal service - working for and on behalf of our customers to help them through the entire car buying process.

So... What does that all translate to - and why should you consider us to find your next car, van or bike?

✅ Save Money - Save an average of £600 on the recommended retail price of your vehicle.

✅ Save Time - We work on your behalf... leaving you to focus on the important things in life!

✅ Total Transparency - You know what we buy your vehicle in for, what we spend to prepare it and how much you pay us for our work! We don't hide ANYTHING.

✅ Genuinely Hassle Free - From start to finish, we take on the difficult task of finding the perfect car for the best price, ensuring it is mechanically and structurally sound and then delivering it to your doorstep!

✅ Total Peace of Mind - Full Background & History Checks, Approved Mechanical Inspection, Min. 12 Month Comprehensive Warranty, 12 Month MOT, 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.

✅ Local, Trusted Business - Our service is very personal, we get to know our customers and find out what really is important to them. We never work to "sell" a vehicle, our priority is working with our customers to help them decide and find the best vehicle for there specific needs.

I am always at the end of the phone - so if you have any questions about what we do, feel free to call me!