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Hello & welcome to my Bio. Let me tell you about myself I have two grown up kids & grandchildren as well as my dog Jack. I live with my partner Christine. I trained as an hypnotherapist back in 2004 where I also gained M.P.N.L.P. Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, T.A. Transactional Analysis Therapist, E.M.D.R. Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing and I also work as a child hypnotherapist. I became an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist in 2015. At present there are only about 50 Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist in the world. I am also a master hypnotist and a psychotherapist. I have also been president of Toast Masters International. I have recently (2016) been published in 'The Hypnotherapy Experts: Strategies from the 'A' list'. My clients range from the everyday person to celebrities from TV, sports people, bankers, top sales executives, business professionals, people in the entertainment world and also multi millionaires. I treat young and old people with a variety of anxiety complaints such as fears, depression, social anxiety, phobias, guilt, grief, stress, and worries etc... I am a trained Jikiden Reiki therapist in Okuden and Shoden style.

I have had my own business's for many years, these include being on TV and radio, florist and fruitier business, qualified gas and plumbing engineer also with bottled gas, my own catering business as well as working as a qualified chef. I gained my 706/1 and 706/2 in food science at Walsall and Stafford college, I was also worked as a assistant manager in the catering sector.
I have also worked as a saddle tree riveter in the saddle industry making bars.

I have a range of interests that are to numerous to mention. These include quantum physics, science, astro theology, humanitarian, studying people, animals, and nature. I have an interest in philosophy, space and much, much more...

If I could sum all this up, I would say that I am doing my best to get through my life with as much ease as I can, to be as kind as I can to everything and hopefully being me at the same time. I generally sign off with helping you towards success and the same goes here for whom ever reads this. Yours Philip.

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For Reiki and Hypnotherapy in Pelsall or Walsall, book an appointment with Philip Ayres or Christine and call 07939 905 388.