Steak Night - Order 2 Steaks and Get a FREE bottle of wine at The New Ivy House
  • 62 Stafford Road Walsall
Steak Night Every Tuesday at The Ivy House

Guests find themselves drawn to the cozy ambiance of The New Ivy House, where the warm, dimly lit dining room sets the stage for an evening of culinary delight. Indulge in their succulent steak, expertly prepared by the talented chefs. Whether it's a juicy sirloin, a tender ribeye, or a flavorful filet mignon, there's a cut to satisfy every palate.

The Steak Night special is a true highlight, inviting diners to savor not one but two mouthwatering steaks. And as a generous bonus, each pair of steaks ordered grants the table a complimentary bottle of wine, perfectly complementing the rich, savory flavors of the meal.

Couples and friends alike gather at The Ivy House on Thursdays, relishing the opportunity to share a delectable meal and raise a glass to the joys of good company. Steak Night at The New Ivy House in Walsall, Every Tuesday 


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