How to clean Vertical Blinds in Walsall
7th November 2014
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A large number of vertical blind fabrics are washable, either machine or hand wash. Below we have set out some simple instructions on how you can do this.

We would ask that you ensure that your fabric is machine washable prior to washing. If you are in any doubt please contact your supplier. If you are still unsure you should hand wash only.

Machine Washing

Preparation - Before removing the louvers from the headrail unclip the chain at the bottom and remove all the weights. To remove the louvre from the headrail simply tilt the louvre slightly and remove from the hook. Lay the louvers on top of each other on a flat surface - the top hem of the louvre should be placed just below the on underneath. Starting with the tops roll all the louvres up together making sure there are no creases and all the edges are in line. If you have a large roll divide this into smaller rolls. Tie the roll to hold it together without distorting the fabric.

Place one roll of louvres into a pillowcase and fasten the pillowcase to secure the contents. Only wash one roll at a time on a woollens wash - no more than 40 degrees with a mild detergent and NO final spin.

Drying - Stand the tied roll on its side for an hour to let the excess water to drain away. Then undo the roll and hang the louvers to drip dry - you could thread string through the hangers prior to washing to make this easier. Replace the weights while the blind is drying . DO NOT TUMBLE DRY OR IRON

Manual Cleaning By Hand

Remove the louvres as described above and lay separately on a flat surface. Using a mild detergent and damp cloth wipe each louvre from top to bottom gently. Do not press hard and do not rub, dry as above and re-hang on the track.

After washing small strands of fibre may appear on the edges of the louvers. Simply trim these off with a pair of scissors.



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