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Your lips are a tool that you use every day and without even knowing they are often the centre of attention. Beauty ideals have changed overtime. Obvious volume and augmentation of the lips that have been the trend in the past, is on the way out. We now look for symmetry and balance rather than sizable impact.
Many people are hesitant about embarking on treatment because they’re self-conscious of how they’ll look during the process. That is no longer a problem thanks to Invisalign, which uses virtually invisible aligners to move teeth into position.
I discovered the benefits of Olaplex treatment at Rachael's Hair Salon in Willenhall
Have a look at the latest hair colour trends from Wella Professionals now in at Chatabox Hair and Beauty Salon in Walsall
Walsall Business Week comes to an epic finale as twelve Walsall businesses go head-to-head, in an ultimate battle of the fittest!
Handy Reachers in Walsall
Handy Reachers in Walsall
Complete Care and Mobility are offering the perfect product for back pain and restricted bending, Handy Reachers!
Continence Care in Walsall
Continence Care in Walsall
Complete Care and Mobility stock a wide range of continence products that will increase your independence
Spring in Walsall
Spring in Walsall
This year spring will begin on Sunday, March 20th, get ready to face the next season with the help of our local recommended businesses.
The People's Projects is back, and are giving you the chance to decide how National Lottery funding can make a difference in your local community. The Big Rushall OPERA - Older People Enjoy Regular Activity are in with the chance of winning but they need your help!
Is your office Christmas party coming up soon? Or maybe you've got a big night out with the girls planned over the festive period and want to look your very best. Whatever the special occasion, you can look and feel fantastic with the help of these highly recommended hair dressers and beauty salons in Walsall.
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