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Jason of Your Data and Safety Pro is a trusted professional providing SMEs with a comprehensive range of services including health and safety and data protection. The company also offers lead auditor and lead implementer services.

Your Data and Safety Pro can offer your business a variety of data and health and safety services in Walsall. Owner Jason is a 'safe pair of hands' with a high-level management and director background.

Your Data and Safety Pro will ensure that your service is top quality, their service includes...

  • A bespoke plan to suit your business needs
  • Ensuring your workplace policies comply with legislation
  • Tailored guidance and support
  • Working with you and taking the time to understand your business
Your Data and Safety Pro has a wide range of industry experience which includes overseeing all aspects of a TPM facility at HJ Heinz in Wigan, Europe's largest food manufacturing plant.  For the past 8 years, Jason of Your Data and Safety Pro, has led a variety of on-site quality control, health and safety compliance and more. 

Health & Safety

For the past 10 years, Jason of Your Data and Safety Pro has overseen a wide variety of senior management, quality control and health and safety processes.

Data Security

It is imperative that all personal information that your business holds is being used correctly and legally. GDPR is essential and something that needs to be considered by all businesses, small or large. Get in touch with Your Data and Safety Pro to ensure you're compliant with data regulations.

Lead Auditor & Implementer

Your Data and Safety Pro is qualified to support organisations in establishing and implementing their ISO 45001, 27001 and 14001 management systems. Jason can provide a bespoke solution to suit your needs.

Why choose Your Data and Safety Pro?

Independent advice

Your Data and Safety Pro's expertise mean they can offer you independent advice, completely tailored to your business needs. This means there will no longer be 'grey areas' when it comes down to business compliance!

Whether you're in need of a full audit and an examination or are looking for some guidance and support, Your Data and Safety Pro can help.

First port of call

Jason is fully qualified and experienced to advise you on health and safety and data protection compliance in Walsall. Your Data and Safety Pro are your first port of call making the whole process easy and stress free. Whether you're a small business or a large business, Your Data and Safety Pro are experts on data security, health and safety, GDPR and more!

Tailored solutions to suit your business

Your Data and Safety Pro will offer you a completely tailored service, ensuring each piece of advice is relevant to your business. They will ensure that your business will receive a bespoke plan of action. Whether you're looking for more information on GDPR or data regulations, or need to understand what health and safety measures need to be in place in your business, Your Data and Safety Pro will tailor their solutions to you.

Contact Your Data and Safety Pro today...

For more information on health and safety, data protection, GDPR and more, call Your Data and Safety Pro on 07929 260940.

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