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Paul, like me it's killed you to not be able to do a job that to us is not work. To you they are family. You can tell from the posts online! Your going to soon see them again and will get them all back on track! Your amazing at what you do keep it up
The Team workout
Paul is simply the best!every workout is high energy and tailored to different levels of ability.every workout is different and everyone encourages one another to progress!the team is the best place to workout!
If you want to join a highly motivating fun place to train. Then the Team Workout is the place to be. I for one, have seen huge changes in my physique, strength and ability. You’ll never be alone because you always work in teams encouraging each other. Paul Wilson is a dedicated and passionate coach. Who only wants the best for his clients. Slight warning though, it’s highly addictive!!! So if you’re thinking of starting a exercise regime I highly recommend the Team Workout.
Team Workout is a brilliant way to meet like minded people, and have a great workout at the same time. You’ll never be alone because you work in teams encouraging each other The workouts are fun but effective. If you want to make a difference in your life... I would highly recommend the Team Workout... Just a slight warning... it’s highly addictive!!! But there’s worse addictions to have!!!! Paul Wilson is a dedicated coach and tries to meet everyone’s needs. You’ll not meet a more passionate man who genuinely cares about all his clients. Pop up, and you won’t regret it
Great workouts! The longest I have ever stuck to an exercise routine. Paul is passionate about what he does and cares about all of his clients. The recent focus on a different body part workout each day is great. He motivates everyone regardless of their strength and fitness. Everyone at The Team Workout is so friendly and it really is a team ethos. Best thing I ever did last year! Thankyou!
Paul is an acquired taste and luckily we love him ! He motivates and encourages all of us , he’s assertive when needed and a perfect team mate to us all, big thanx Raj Kaur
Wowza 2020 what a great start to the year at the teamwork out NEW things different regimes FANTASTIC really enjoying every workout I love going and joining an incredible coach and fantastic team x
I have been a member for a few weeks now and I love it already. Paul is so kind and responsive to different personality types yet motivating. Before joining, I was afraid that I'd be the biggest, slowest and that I'd be laughed at; No laughing here unless it's with each other. I received support from all the members as well as Paul from the moment I walked into the group which was nice as I felt especially shy and anxious. My workout partners (teams) over the next few days helped me by telling me their stories and putting any nerves at ease with their recommendations of Paul. Needless to say, this is the most fun I've had exercising in a very long time and I'm excited for it to continue.
Paul is amazing. you can tell from how he comes across that he loves what he does and is good at it. If you want to improve your overall fitness I would 100% suggest him!
Sessions are never boring and the atmosphere of everyone supporting each other is what makes you turn up even if you really don't feel like it ..... it's the team that makes this the best place to workout!!
Although I only became a member of The Team Workout a couple of weeks ago, I am so pleased I made the decision to do so. Paul is a great motivator, the support and encouragement from the team mates is amazing. Recommend it to anyone looking to improve their health and well-being.
Started 2 weeks ago for the 6 week challenge and it’s great so far! Challenging workouts but make you feel good after! Paul is very supportive along with fellow team members that motivate and cheer you on, would definitely recommend!
Been at Team workout for nearly 3 years, Great place to work out far different from going to the gym...great atmosphere and great results. Paul Wilson is a great coach every workout is every session 💪💪💪
Great coach really good place to workout great vibes and wonderful people all with a common goal!
Great start to the day each morning with great bunch of people
Team workout is fantastic ! Just recently started so was very nervous. Paul & the rest of the group made me feel welcomed. Every workout is explained, the knowledge and motivational drive to achieve and focus on your goals. Every one is in it together all part of a big team. I am seeing results ! Worth it ! Nikki
Joining the team workout was one of the best decisions I have made. Paul is so supportive and the atmosphere is great at pushing you to your limits.
The best workout sessions ever!!! Support not just from the instructor but other participants is what makes this head and shoulders above any other boot camp or gym. People don’t just turn up to train they turn up to motivate others and take part. Everyone is welcoming and I have met some great people here. It has also made a massive difference to my fitness and strength. Don’t know what I’d do without it now!!
5 star gym, with a 5 star team and a 5 star instructor! An amazing atmosphere and workouts make this more than just a gym.
Amazing group of people and an amazing coach. Love this place
The team workout is a great atmosphere that really pushes you to be your best and reach targets you never thought you could! It’s great to be part of it!
Great place to train with an amazing coach and amazing people. I love being part of The Team Workout!!! I look forward to morning workouts as everyday is different.
This place is great! Paul will bring out the best in you and get results! Can’t recommend it enough!!
Great place,Great atmosphere with every session different and fun! Wouldn’t train anywhere else!!
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