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I have been a member of so many gyms.... and nothing worked.... I have been with Paul for a week and I am already noticing the difference. Not just physically (even though in a week I’m seeing big results) but mentally. This club and Paul are there for you mentally too.... I have made new friends which I hope to continue to know in the future and I know if I have a weak moment then Paul is there 24/7 for support. This isn’t w gym it’s a motivated family who just want us all to be the best we can be physically and mentally! You won’t regret joining!!
It’s the definitely the best in the city! We always work together. Never a dull moment while still Achieving the goals I want. Everyday is different. Not stuck doing the same boring thing! Friends for life made here!
It's been 3 months since I've joined the Team Workout and it's the best decision I've made. The atmosphere is alot better than any other gym I've attended . With a great coach and a brilliant team behind you,results are possible !
The Team workout has helped me beyond anything I could imagine. My mental health and outlook on life has improved after the very sad loss of both my parents in such a short time apart. Great team motivation and support, none judgemental and a coach who really cares about all of the team members. Now part of my weekly routine.
Paul is an amazing coach and Iv never stuck at something for so long as I have with the team work out . His a great motivator and never lets me put myself down . Always supports everything we all do x
I have been a member of the Team Workout for over a year now and I would completely recommend joining! Everyone has been so friendly, encouraging and motivating from the beginning. Not only has my fitness level improved since joining but also my confidence and I feel so much less stressed! I’m always in a better mood for the day after working out. Paul Wilson is an amazing coach!
Backstory: I thought people who were good at exercise were just born that way. I thought the sporty people at school just became the sporty adults. I thought people just had it or they didn’t. I wasn’t one of those people. I never liked PE at school. I never attended the gym even when I had spent a fortune on membership. I never thought things would change. Today: I’m 6 weeks in to attending The Team Workout and I’ve forgotten the views of the person above. I attend 6am workouts. I lift weights. I box. I SQUAT. I couldn’t recommend the place enough. From day 1, walking in as the newbie with a clear look of terror on my face questioning what on earth I was doing there, I was met with the friendliest, most supportive team of people. From the smiling faces, to the words of encouragement and the high 5s, I couldn’t think of another group of people who would have got me through what I’ve achieved over the last few weeks. The group isn’t full of the ‘sporty people’ I used to think were good at exercise; the ones whose pictures you see on social media posing in the gym. People in the team are all different ages, from different backgrounds and of different abilities. There are no mirrors at workout, no posing and no feeling inadequate. Plus we have new team members start regularly, so I wasn’t the newbie for long! Add to that Coach Wilson, who will show you the right way to do it then push you to do the best you can do, and the place just works. I’ve still got a long way to go, but the weight is coming off, I’m feeling much fitter and I’m getting much stronger. Which is not only great for self-confidence, but it also makes everything easier, from running after the kids, to carrying the shopping bags and doing the DIY. Plus that bit of ‘me time’ I get when I attend the sessions does wonders for reducing stress levels and clearing the head. Self-care isn’t selfish, and I promise you that you can make the time to attend the sessions; it’s all about what you prioritise and it is time to prioritise you. It will make you feel so much better than that glass of wine you are about to reach for. I challenge you to sign up for the 6 week challenge. You won’t regret it.
I am about to end my third week of the team workout and have really enjoyed every second of it! Before joining I was struggling to motivate myself to exercise around work but waking up for the 6am workout is just becoming part of my daily routine. Everyone is so lovely and supportive and Paul is great at encouraging you to do better each time!
If youre not a fan of the gym but still want achieve those fitness goals then I can't recommend the teamwork out more. Been coming for several years now and it never fails to deliver. Paul the trainer is very approachable, knowledgeable and dedicated to helping you. As are all your team mates, the level of encouragement is second to none. A very friendly, welcoming group of motivated individuals make this boot camp style training a great place to workout!
Joining the team workout is one of the best decisions I've made. Even with injury I'm able to train and the positive and enthusiastic environment is brilliant to spur you on.
Absolutely fantastic place to train with an amazing team! Highly recommend The Teamworkout to everyone!
Put a great trainer and enthusiasm from some amazing team mates and you have the Team workout. You’ll smash some goals at the same time as well!
What else can I say that already hasn’t been said about the Team Workout. Initially I joined a few years ago because I found myself always being ill or injured. The older I got, the less active I was becoming. I had membership at gyms but never seemed to go and it was a waste of money. It’s always daunting when you join something new but I’m glad I did. I haven’t looked back since. All the injuries which were regular occurrences are no more. The best thing about the Team Workout, you meet amazing people who are always pushing you to be better, always trying to get you to do that extra rep. Plus the nights out with them is so much fun. Finally the Coach...Paul Wilson, he’s become a good friend and has created something truly wonderful with the Team Workout. He cares so much about his clients, his energy and enthusiasm rubs off on us all.
18 months with the team now and I haven’t looked back, it becomes and addiction once you have suffered the first 2wk pain barrier of aching muscles that you didn’t think you had 😂. Everyone encourages and motivates each other and we have a coach who is so passionate about achieving results and getting the best out of everyone. The Teamworkout beats any gym hands down.
Love training at team workout, great bunch of people, everyone is so supportive and motivates each other which is needed at 6am. Paul is so supportive in helping you achieve your goals and pushes you to achieve the best out of you.The nutrition plan is so easy to use and follow and helps you achieve realistic weight losses. Would totally recommend team workout to anyone .
I love my workouts, every session is different and that adds to the enjoyment. The encouragement given by Paul keeps you going and pushes you to do more. Everyone is really friendly and helps each other along.
Coach Wilson is very hands on, he will even know the days you haven’t turned up, lol.He tailors to your needs and motivates you to do your best.Team workout is the best place to train and I would highly recommend it!👍🏼
I have been at The Team Workout for a number of years now and can honestly say, it's the best. I have trained in many gyms, done classes and been part of a number of workout groups and this is at the top of the tree.
Ive been working out at the team workout for7 years now great place great workouts great coach i class paul now as a friend as well as my coach i achieved lots of goals
I've been with the team now almost 3 years and its brilliant , beats going to the gym any day great team mates and a brilliant coach.
One of the best decisions I have made, was joining the Team Workout! Completing a 6am workout has never felt so good! The whole team are extremely supportive and helpful. Paul Wilson, the coach, is accommodating, encouraging, motivating and his passion for what he does is second to none, but the best part of it is that, he genuinely cares about each team member and their progression.
I’ve only been a member here for the last 9/10 weeks. I was so apprehensive about starting somewhere like this on my own, I assumed I’d be judged and talked know like people do when someone overweight tries to do something about it...but it was completely the opposite!! Everyone spoke to me from day 1, no-one judged me or whispered about me, it really is like being part of a family! In my short time we’ve had birthdays, exams passed & unfortunately family deaths and the whole group have been so supportive! It’s unbelievable. Coach Wilson is fantastic, encouraging in completely the right way, he doesn’t sugar coat anything and tells it how it is! He’s very passionate about what he does and I can’t imagine not having this place, or these people in my life now!
I love the Team work out, I have made good friends who have got me through low times, it’s a family atmosphere full of fun and hard work where every team member achieves. Raj Kaur
My journey started a year ago.. I had joined a gym.. Wasted monthly subscriptions by not attending. It was the dreaded feeling of repetition and no results. I had a friend who was attending the Teamworkout and told me to join as the results were fantastic! I was reserved and quite apprehensive thinking I won't enjoy it... And that it won't be for me.. A year later I have signed up for my 2nd year! How awesome are the workouts.. How fab is coach at making you feel welcome.. Full of so much knowledge and advice.. No day is the same! Everyone is so supportive.. Even when you don't feel like you can do it.. With everyone there to help you pull through.. Its a great atmosphere to be in! Sunny C
I'm in my sixth year at The Team Workout and I've loved every second of it. I'm in great shape, not only physically but mentally. Going to camp allows you to take your mind of things but also interact with a great group of people. I one hundred percent recommend.
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