The Signature Stylist
  • 64 Buxton Road,
    WS3 3QJ
Based in Bloxwich in Walsall, The Signature Stylist is your go-to dog grooming salon providing a professional dog grooming service with a holistic approach for your dog.

The Signature Stylist is the dog grooming salon designed to give your dog a pampering! Their team of stylists will provide your pet with a grooming service in a safe, calm and relaxing environment. The trusted team can cater to your dogs individual needs, finding their very own signature style.

The Signature Stylist is made up of Abby and Simon, both of which have a wealth of experience in the pet care industry. Their fresh, modern salon based in Bloxwich, Walsall is kitted out with the latest equipment and ensures every dog receives a quality and relaxed grooming experience.

The team at The Signature Stylist are fully qualified, whilst also holding a qualification in Level 2 Reiki. This allows them to keep the dogs relaxed and calm during their visit.

  • Professional Dog Groomers
  • Range of services
  • Spa Treatments available
  • Modern and comfortable salon
  • Level 3 Diploma in Professional Dog Grooming
  • Level 2 Reiki Practitioner

Dog Grooming Services...

Main Services:

The Signature Stylist offer a range of services suitable for a variety of dog breeds. They ensure that each service is tailored and suited to your dogs needs. The services available include...

  • Midway Groom
  • Full Styling
  • Bath and Brush
  • Teeth Cleaning
  • Puppy Grooms
  • Nail Clip
Full Styling:
The Signature Stylist offer a full styling service, this includes a bath and brush out, ears cleaned, nails clipped and finished with a style of your choice. All natural products are used.
Puppy Groom:
The puppy groom includes a bath and brush using puppy-safe products, nails clipped, ears cleaned, a trim around the eyes, feet, sanitary area and finishing with a spritz of cologne. Puppy grooms are suitable for puppies up to 6 months old.

Spa Treatments:

The team at The Signature Stylist understand the importance of your dog's skin and coat care routine. Therefore, they use only the the best, natural products available. Their spa treatments include...

  • De-Shed Spa
  • Signature Spa
  • Pedicure Spa
De-Shed Spa:
If your dog is in need of a de-shed, this spa package is perfect for them. This includes a luxury shampoo and conditioner upgrade as well as a blueberry or banana facial.
Signature Spa:
The ultimate Spa Package. In this package, your pet will experience each spa treatment available. This ultimate spa treatment package includes a luxury shampoo and conditioner, teeth gel and foam, skin, paw and nose balm, a hydrating butter treatment, paw scrub, blueberry or banana facial, ear cleaning and finishes off with perfume. This is the ideal signature spa package for your dog.
Pedicure Spa:
During this treatment, your dogs nails will be clipped and any rough edges will be filed. Your dog will also receive a foot massage with paw butter or wax.

Mix & Match:

You can also mix and match any 3 of The Signature Stylist's luxury spa treatments for an extra £5! Get in touch with them to find out more.

Fully Qualified...

Abby, of The Signature Stylist, is proud to feature on Groomers Spotlight. You can see more here. As well as this, Abby also holds a Level 3 Diploma in Professional Dog Grooming. All of the team are qualified Level 2 Reiki Practitioners, making your dogs visit a relaxed and calm one.

Get in touch with The Signature Stylist...

You can find them located at 64 Buxton Road, Bloxwich, Walsall, WS3 3QJ - to book an appointment call or text on 07375 487 225.

You can also book an appointment via their Facebook Page here.

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Level 3 Diploma in Professional Dog Grooming
Level 3 Diploma in Professional Dog Grooming