Sultana Turkish Restaurant
  • 43A Goodall Street,
    WS1 1QJ
Based in the heart of Walsall, Sultana Turkish Restaurant specialise in Mediterranean Turkish cuisines. Providing a high quality dining experience for the whole family, a visit to this restaurant is a must!

Sultana Turkish Restaurant are proud to bring fresh Mediterranean flavours into the Walsall borough.

This hidden gem in the centre of Walsall specialises in Mediterranean Turkish cuisines, from charcoal grills to seafood to mezzes.  Everything made by the chef is made to order using only the freshest ingredients from local vendors that they know and trust, meaning you will always receive a quality meal and the best dining experience.

  • Delicious, Fresh Mediterranean Turkish Cuisine

  • Family Friendly Restaurant - children welcome

  • Gluten Free, Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly

  • Takeaway Service available (not delivery)

  • Open 7 days a week

A La Carte Menu

Providing a delicious A La Carte Menu of Turkish cuisine, Sultana Turkish Restaurant in Walsall offer cold starters, hot starters, charcoal kebabs, chefs specials, seafood, sultana casseroles, vegetarian meals, pasta, kids meals and more...

Sultana Turkish Restaurant also offers food that is gluten free, vegan friendly and vegetarian.


Ranging from humus to olives to kisir, you can try out a variety of cold starters.  Hot starters at Sultana Turkish Restaurant include falafel, hellim and king prawns.


Sultana Turkish Restaurant in Walsall offer charcoal kebabs as a popular choice of main, all kebabs are services with rice, bulgur, bread and salad. Ranging from a mixed grill to lamb shish to aubergine kebab and more, there is something for everyone at Sultana Turkish Restaurant in Walsall.

Alongside their delicious kebabs, Sultana Turkish Restaurant recommend their chef's specials... Sarma Chicken Beyti and Ali Nazik are amongst popular choices. Sultana Turkish Restaurant in Walsall also serve delicious seafood from grilled sea bass to succulent king prawns. Pasta is another popular main choice and Sultana Turkish Restaurant also offer a variety of vegetarian main meal choices.


If you're visiting with a group, why not try one of Sultana Turkish Restaurant's specials?

  • House Special (2-3 people) - Lamb Shish, Chicken Shish, Adana Kofte, Chicken Beyti, Chicken Wings, 4Pcs Ribs
  • Set Meal (3-4 people) - 3 Starters, Lamb Shish, Chicken Shish, 2 Skewer Adana Kofte, 1 Chicken Beyti, Chicken Wings, 1 Portion of Ribs
  • Big Family (5-6 people) - Starters, 2 Skewers Lamb Shish, 2 Skewers Chicken Shish, 2 Skewers Adana, 2 Skewers Chicken Keyti, Chicken Wings, 1 Portion of Ribs
  • Sultana Special (Up to 10 people) - 2 Portion Ribs, 2 Portion Lamb Shish, 2 Portion Chicken Shish, 2 Portion Chicken Beyti, 2 Portion Adana, 2 Portion Chicken Wings, 2 Mixed Cold Starts, 2 Bowls of Chips

Kids Menu

If you're visiting with children, Sultana Turkish Restaurant provides a delicious kids menu including...

  • Chicken Nuggets
  • Chicken Shish
  • Lamb Shish
  • Lamb Mince


To finish off your delicious meal, indulge in one of Sultana Turkish Restaurant's tasty desserts...

  • Baklava
  • Rice Pudding
  • Chocolate Cake
  • Ice Cream
  • Tiramisu
  • Cheesecake


The staff can serve you with a wide variety of drink choices, from soft drinks to hot drinks to wines and beers, there is something for everyone at Sultana Turkish Restaurant.

Contact Sultana Turkish Restaurant in Walsall today...

To book a table at Sultana Turkish Restaurant call 01922 900 656, find the restaurant at  43A Goodall Street, Walsall, WS1 1QJ

Opening Hours:

Monday to Thursday - 11am to 12pm

Friday and Saturday: 11am to 12pm

Sunday: 6pm to 12pm

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