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  • Walsall
Shirley Ball Handmade Bags create bespoke handmade bags and accessories across Walsall. For the bag of your dreams, contact Shirley Ball today.

Based in Walsall, Shirley Ball of Shirley Ball Handmade Bags has worked in the leather industry for the past 30 years, creating a variety of items from wallets to saddlery and more. Shirley has worked with a range of big names including Ralph Lauren, Ted Baker, Brady, Radley, Paul Smith and Aston Martin. Shirley Ball Handmade Bags began by making bags for herself, designing them, sourcing materials and making them.

  • Handmade bags and accessories
  • Worked with a range of big brands
  • Personalised and unique bags
  • Leather bags

Handmade bags...

Shirley Ball Handmade Bags can design and hand-make a range of handbags, including...

  • Satchels
  • Tote bags
  • Rucksacks
  • Vintage bags
  • And more!

Shirley Ball Handmade Bags are experienced in creating a variety of bags. Each bag is designed and created with passion, leading to quality bags that you will be proud to own.

Shirley has a great understanding of what is needed to make both a stylish and functional bag. Each bag is tested as a prototype before made for the final time to ensure it is created as best quality as possible. Shirley Ball Handmade Bags are happy to make any adjustments to the bags to ensure each one is unique and personalised to you.

Handmade accessories...

As well as Shirley Ball Handmade Bags stunning collection of handmade bags, Shirley also designs and makes a variety of handmade accessories. From car kits to 

Why choose Shirley Ball Handmade Bags?

Shirley Ball has a proven track record when it comes to handbag design, working with a range of well known brands! Shirley of Shirley Ball Handmade Bags is passionate about creating a bag to suit you and your needs, making a prototype beforehand to test the quality and design. Shirley will work with you to understand your needs and find exactly what you are looking for.

Contact Shirley Ball Handmade Bags...

Get in touch with Shirley today by calling 07711 909 894.

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