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Looking for a mortgage in Walsall? Then why not reduce the stress of buying a house with the help of Mortgage Force West Midlands.

Are you looking to buy a house but you're stuck on the banks waiting list for mortgage advice?

Mortgage Force West Midlands are a highly experienced team of advisers who can help you to find a mortgage that suits your needs. Their team of professionals will help make the stress of buying a house easier.

Mortgage Force West Midlands can provide advice and recommendations on the mortgage market, and help find the right mortgage to suit you. They aim to ensure you know your mortgage.

The team at Mortgage Force West Midlands will work had to find you a suitable mortgage and justify why this is right for you.

Why not call in on them at their office conveniently situated on bloxwich high street .

Mortgage Force West Midlands offers a range of services including...

  • Mortgages - Fixed rates, tracker rates, repayment mortgages.
  • Buy to Let Mortgages
  • Protection Insurance



For this type of mortgage, your monthly repayment pays off the interest and part of the capital borrowed each month. There is a set term in which you will clear the mortgage amount.

Interest only

For this type of mortgage, your monthly repayment only overs the cost of the interest on your mortgage, you're still responsible for repayment of the capital when the mortgage reaches the end of the term.

Discount variable

This type of loan is usually cheaper than the standard variable rate, it allows you to take advantage of the initial discount rate.

Fixed rate

If the interest rates increase, the fixed rate will remain the same, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your repayments will not increase.


This mortgage is linked to the Bank of England's base rate for a set period, if this goes up or down, so will the rate of interest on the mortgage.


Your rate will track above the Bank of England base rate for your mortgage term. You will get a savings pot, any money put into this is offset against your mortgage, which lowers the amount of interest you pay.

For more information on the above, click here.

Buy to Let Mortgages

Before taking out a buy to let mortgage, it is very important to do your research. You must be confident in that your rental income will comfortably cover your mortgage and other expenses. Lenders will often want to see evidence that your expected rent will cover your mortgage repayments by at least 125%. This should be seen as a long term investment.

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Protection Insurance

Protection insurance is there to help protect you when things go wrong, there are a variety of types of insurance.

Life Insurance

Life insurance can pay your dependants a lump sum or regular payments if the worst was to happen.

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The team at Mortgage Force West Midlands pride themselves on being able to provide full advice and recommendations on the whole mortgage market, their advice is 100% impartial. Their advice ensures you get exactly what you need and know exactly what your mortgage does.
Get in touch with Mortgage Force West Midlands today by clicking here or calling 01922 665050.
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