K9 Core Hydrotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre
  • 145 Lime Lane,
    WS3 5AW
K9 Core Hydrotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre based in Walsall offer a Dog Gym, Pool, Spa, Training and Boarding Kennels. They are your one-stop-shop for all your canine physical and mental needs.

Because Dogs Deserve Holidays and Pamper Time Too!

Based in Walsall, K9 Core Hydrotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre offer hydrotherapy and rehabilitation for dogs alongside their boarding kennels.

The team at K9 Core Hydrotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre in Walsall provide a range of services including:

  • Dog Spa Grooming 
  • IPO, Seiger and Korung Training
  • Canine Hydrotherapy
  • Canine Physiotherapy
  • Experts in canine health and nutrition
  • Dog Boarding Kennels, with separate buildings for Big Dog and Little Dogs
  • Canine 4k Laser Therapy and state of the art Stance Analysis machine
  • Members of the Pet Industry Federation
  • Members of the Kennel and Cattery Association
K9 Core Hydrotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre have been awarded 5 stars by Chase County Council, alongside this they are members of the Pet Professional Guild and the Kennel and Cattery Association.
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Boarding Kennels

At their premises at 145 Lime Lane in Walsall, K9 Core Hydrotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre offering boarding for just £22 per day and £37 for two dogs sharing. Alongside the boarding with music, heating and cctv in the ‘Big Dog Building’ and underfloor heating, cctv and a TV in the ‘Little Dog Building’, they also offer a range of add-ons for you to choose from whilst your dog is boarding...

  • Fun Swimming Lessons with boarding 
  • Laser/Physio/Hydro (existing patients only whilst boarding) 
  • Spa Pamper Grooming with Boarding 
  • Canal & Country Adventure Walk 

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All dogs have 3 playtime sessions a day in our doggy playgrounds with boarding - Incl.

K9 Core Hydrotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre are lucky to be situated next to Whirley and Essington canal, with some beautiful woodland walks to the rear, meaning they can make the most of it with a picturesque walk on top of your dogs three runs out in their exercise paddocks per day.
The boarding kennels at K9 Core Hydrotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre are open 9.30am-11.30am and 4-6pm weekdays and 10.30am-1pm weekends.

Hydrotherapy & Rehabilitation 

K9 Core Hydrotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre exclusively with one of our two veterinary physiotherapists offer a range of hydrotherapy sessions in their heated pool as well as having a brand new state of the art Stance Analysis machine, one of the only 4k Lasers in the area, and physiotherapy. Their team are not only university qualified but are also experts in canine health and nutrition, meaning your dog is in safe hands.

K9 Core Hydrotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre offer a range of hydrotherapy sessions in their heated pool as well as rehabilitation treatments and physiotherapy. Their team are experts in canine health and nutrition, meaning your dog is in safe hands.

Companion Stance Analyzer

The Stance Analyzer means we can quickly and easily evaluate the way a patient is standing and shifting weight to identify if there is a lameness issue and where to look for it, and it means we can keep ahead of lameness with early detection as a standard part of our wellness programs. We can give you peace of mind and confidence that with this technology we know a pet is hurting before they show it.

Collecting a standing weight bearing assessment removes subjectivity and gives a simple report that makes it easy to discuss the status of the patient with you and your vet, and create a plan for the best and quickest results.

Companion Laser Therapy

Laser therapy (photobiomodulation therapy), is fast-acting and versatile. This doctor-prescribed, technician-driven modality effectively treats a wide variety of conditions including pre-surgical, post-surgical, acute, and chronic disease states. This proven therapy wins favor with fast results, non-invasive delivery that patients enjoy.


Hydrotherapy in conjunction with veterinary treatment can significantly improve the quality and rate of healing following surgery or traumatic injury. In these cases the appropriate use of hydrotherapy can help with rehabilitation and increase the chance of a successful return to full fitness. Hydrotherapy is also beneficial in young growing dogs diagnosed with developmental conditions.

  • Hydrotherapy has specific therapeutic effects on body tissues.
  • Relief of pain, swelling & stiffness
  • Muscle strengthening and maintenance
  • Alleviating muscle spasm
  • Increased range of motion in joints
  • Improved circulation
  • Cardiovascular fitness (heart & lungs)
  • Increased tissue healing
  • Increased speed of recovery
  • Gait modification
  • Increased proprioception

Hydrotherapy is of massive importance for sporting dogs also, and will help your agility, IGP, flyball, WT and detection dog's to name but a few with their: Core strength, proprioception, gait modification, flexion, extension, muscle bulk, cardiovascular and muscle endurance, all will benefit from hydrotherapy

To book please email Hannah and Alex on

  • Fun and Fitness swimming lessons
  • Initial physiotherapy/hydrotherapy/4k laser consultation all including
  • Stance Analysis 
  • Mixed hydro/physio/laser session 
  • Hydrotherapy session 
  • Stance Analyser 
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Loyalty Card

K9 Core Hydrotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre offer a loyalty card to their customers, when you have had 10 lessons you will receive 1 FREE!

Dog Grooming

Alongside the boarding kennels in Walsall and hydrotherapy and rehabilitation treatments, K9 Core Hydrotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre also offer Dog Spa Grooming with our award winning groomer.

Please contact us for more details or visit the Facebook page - starting from £30


At their premises, they also sell a range of dog gifts and equipment including...

  • Official vet beds stockists
  • Fragrances
  • Various natural treats and chews
  • Biothane collars
  • Working dog equipment
  • And more...

Opening Times:

By appointment only...

Boarding is:

Monday - Friday: 9.30-11.30am and 4-6pm 

Saturday and Sunday: 10.30am - 1pm

Hydrotherapy and the Grooming:

Open weekdays from 9.30am

open weekends from 10.30am

Contact K9 Core Hydrotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre today...

Call 07525 817584 or visit our Facebook page

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