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Ikon Fostering in Walsall provide quality foster care for both children and young people across the West Midlands.

Ikon Fostering, in Walsall, aims to offer a caring foster home for children and young people who are not able to live with their birth families. They are passionate and committed to the development and nurturing of the children, helping them to achieve their full potential.

  • Foster care for children and young people
  • Foster homes across the country
  • Become a foster carer

Why choose Ikon Fostering?

Ikon Fostering aim to provide a service where the children are at the forefront. Their service means children come first, this is down to their planning and achievements. Ikon Fostering want children to feel that they belong at their foster home, as apposed to being placements in a care system.

An objective of Ikon Fostering in Walsall is to provide fully prepared, supported, trained and supervised foster carers, making the child's care paramount. Alongside this, Ikon Fostering know that children need stability and security in their lives, therefore they aim to provide foster homes in Walsall which will promote a child's identity, from their culture to their interests.

It is important that the foster homes provided by Ikon Fostering promote the child's education, this is something that the team at Ikon Fostering focus on. Ikon Fostering ensure that each and every young person is prepared and ready for adulthood, ensuring that this is done at a pace which suits the young person.

Ikon Fostering in Walsall offer a service which takes safeguarding extremely seriously. This applies to both recruitment of foster carers and also the involvement of appropriate agencies when issues of concern become apparent.

What Ikon Fostering can offer...

Ikon Fostering provide a range of services, these include...

  • A programme of group activities and individual work provided by their Senior Therapeutic Support Worker
  • A range of foster homes from a range of cultural and religious communities
  • Foster homes for children of all ages
  • Foster homes who are looking to keep siblings together where possible
  • Foster homes suitable for children on their own
  • Foster carers who can support the development of the child
  • Foster carer training for a variety of health needs

Becoming a foster carer...

Ikon Fostering are always looking for new foster carers to help support children and young people across the country. If you're thinking about becoming a foster carer in Walsall, take a look at what you need to be...

  • You can be either working or unemployed
  • It doesn't matter if you are single, married, separated
  • Whether you have children or not
  • Whether you're male, female, from any race or culture, irrespective of sexuality
  • You need to know a home or a tenant, as long as you've enough space
  • Must be over 21 years of age, however there are no legal age limits

In order to become a foster carer, you must retain these qualities...

  • You should have an interest in children and young people
  • You should be confident working alongside other people in the child's life
  • You must not have a police record for violence or offences against children
  • You must be able to understand, or be willing to learn, how children behave when they have been emotionally damaged, physically hurt or neglected
  • You must attend initial and ongoing training and support groups
  • You should have a spare room or rooms in your home for a foster child

Types of foster caring...

Short Term Placement: During this placement, foster carers look after the children for a short period of time, following on from the removal of a child from the birth of extended family members.
Long Term Placement: During this placement, the foster carer will provide long term care for the children who's care plan has been finalised. The long term foster carer will continue to provide care or the child until they turn 16 or 18.
Respite Placements: Ikon Fostering offers respite care to it's short and long term foster carers. It acts as a support to carers when they need a break.
Assessment Placements: Children are placed with approved foster carers with a view to undertake an assessment of the physical, cultural, religious, educational, emotional, therapeutic and contact needs of the child.
Parent & Child / Mother & Baby Placements: These placements are for one or both of the parents and their child. Foster carers provide support and guidance to parents and assist them to develop and retain parenting skills.

Contact Ikon Fostering today...

For more information or to get in touch with Ikon Fostering call 01922 618790 or 07928 666121.

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