Heroes Tuition Limited
  • Primley Avenue,
    WS2 9UA
Based in Walsall, Heroes Tuition Limited are an experienced tuition centre that can provide you with a high quality private tuition service. Based in modern spacious building in Primley Avenue Walsall they offer a wide range of subjects for your child.

Heroes Tuition Limited are a superb tuition centre, based in Walsall. The team at Heroes Tuition Limited are experienced and knowledgeable in all areas of tuition. Their mission is to improve and enrich it's students' academic prospects through personalised tuition. They are based in a modern building with plenty of space and ideal for learning.Whether your child needs extra tuition in Walsall to help with their GCSE's or wants to top up on their knowledge to help further with school, Heroes Tuition Limited are ready to help...

  • A range of subjects available
  • 100% pass rate
  • Weekly feedback & homework
  • Regular assessments

Heroes Tuition Limited Mission & Values

Heroes Tuition Limited believe that children need a strong foundation in both literacy and numeracy in order for them to excel in other areas of their lives... It is their belief that all children have the academic ability to strive! Heroes Tuition Limited understand that a child's ability can thrive with the correct support and encouragement.

Heroes Tuition Limited aim to provide a comfortable learning environment, where each child is inspired to develop to the full extent of their ability.


Heroes Tuition Limited offer a range of subjects, these include...

  • 11Plus
  • Maths
  • English
Heroes Tuition Limited have also been recognised for their 100% pass rate from the Express & Star.

Heroes Tuition Limited approach to teaching...

Heroes Tuition Limited's approach to teaching is through their use of well-known materials and publishers that helps to support their teaching. All of their exams are sat under normal examination, therefore each student is fully prepared for all of their exams and will develop coping strategies and calming techniques for stressful exam conditions.

Heroes Tuition Limited also offer free advice on a choice of subjects or schools for their pupils and are always available to chat with parents and offer their support and advice.

Why choose Heroes Tuition Limited?

Heroes Tuition Limited are always available to offer support and advice to each and every one of their pupils. They understand that a child's ability can blossom and thrive with the correct support, encouragement and understanding. You can be confident in the knowledge that Heroes Tuition Limited are available to support your child and their academic ability.

Contact Heroes Tuition Limited...

For more information, get in touch with the team at Heroes Tuition Limited by calling 01922 322 411.

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