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DL Provisions Security Services, based in Walsall, is a company with a range of security and medical services. They are dedicated to providing an excellent service through highly trained and committed team members.

DL Provisions Security Services are a security and medical business based in Walsall. They are an expanding company providing excellent service through their highly trained, loyal and committed team members.

Whether you are a VIP who needs an escort or an event manager looking for highly trained medics, the team at DL Provisions Security Services in Walsall can help with whatever you need... You can rest assured knowing that DL Provisions Security Services can meet any needs and expectations! DL Provisions Security Services aim to attract and retain highly capable security officers to join their team.

The team at DL Provisions Security Services offer a variety of services to cater to your needs, including...

Door Supervision

DL Provisions Security Services will ensure your premises are secure for any event... The team understand how important this is and are ready to work with you to prevent and protect!

You can expect highly trained and experienced door staff from the team at DL Provisions Security Services. The team will work with their clients to understand their needs and advise what they think is best.

Services provided...

  • DL Provisions Security Services can provide door supervision security for any regular location, from a club to a bar to a venue.
  • Whether its a one-off event or an ongoing/recurring event, the team can provide services for this. From festivals, to annual events, to parties and functions.
  • The team will also offer their services to open venue events, such as fetes, funfairs and more.
  • If your event is high risk, such as a concert or gig, the team are able to help.

Private Security

The team at DL Provisions Security Services in Walsall know that a single person could be essential to a company... They will not only protect that person but will also aim to make their stay much more comfortable and relaxed knowing everything has been taken care of.

Services provided...

  • From CEOs to celebrities, to royalty and any VIPS, DL Provisions Security Services can provide quality private security throughout the Walsall.
  • They can provide discreet security ensuring that the client can get on with their business without any interruption.
  • DL Provision Security Services offer a variety of levels of protection from highly trained individuals.
  • They are able to offer combined package services, such as car hire etc.


DL Provisions Security Services will advise you on the best and most appropriate CCTV options for your situation. The team stay up to date with the latest developments to ensure they can provide the quality advice and support that you need.

Services provided...

  • They can provide 24/7 monitoring for any sized premise, alongside this they can provide door monitoring and other services.
  • If needed, they can provide off-site backups.
  • The team can provide vigilant staff who are trained in what to spot and how to respond to specific situations.
  • Alongside this, they can offer advanced capabilities such as night-vision monitoring.

Security Training

DL Provisions Security Services in Walsall can provide you with key skills by SIA qualified trainers. The highly qualified team are able to teach you industry standard practices that you can implement.

DL Provisions Security Services pride themselves on understanding what is needed tobe the highest calibre of security, keeping yourself and others safe.

Services provided...

  • Highly qualified SIA trainers.
  • Professional and modern learning techniques with top quality training materials to support and aid your learning.
  • They are able to offer in house training to suit your needs and requirements.

Specialist Security

The team at DL Provisions Security Services in Walsall understand that sometimes specialist security can be needed... They are able to source any security needs, from drug detecting K-9 units to highly experienced tactical guards. DL Provisions Security Services have had a variety of experiences in different situations, allowing them to best advise you on what you need.

Services provided...

  • They can provide teams of experienced security who are specialist in a variety of different skills.
  • The team are able to assess event plans meaning they can advise you on the services that you will need.
  • They can offer a variety of packages and services based on your budgets.
  • The team at DL Provisions Security Services will liaise with other parties such as the police or ambulance services to ensure measures have been put in place.

Medicure Event Medics

DL Provisions Security Services also run Medicure Event Medics under the DL Provisions Group... They know that is it important to be prepared for every situation, this is why they work with their partners to provide the best medical cover for whatever you need.

Whether you require a single paramedic, or an entire team of experienced medics, Medicure Event Medics in Walsall can provide this.

Services provided...

  • Experienced paramedics to doctors and nurses to EMTs and more.
  • No matter what size the event is, the team can cover and provide services for whatever you need.
  • They will offer professional staff who are available to be called upon when needed.

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