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Any problems I have, hardware or software, Computa-Tec solve it and are extremely helpful.
I would recommend Computa-Tec Systems because of the friendly and efficient service.
Nothing is too much trouble. It's fast, quick and reliable. Brilliant service by people who know what they are doing.
I would recommend Computa-Tec Systems because of the excellent service I received.
always take my computer here if got any problems nothing to much trouble needed a charger for mac book mike phoned around and got me one i would recomend computer tech to friends and family
always satisfied needed a new chaarger for my sons lap top mike called someone cause it was for a mac book and got me one nothing to much for them to help u i would recomend this computer buisness to friends and family if they have problems with computers
For twenty years they have always provided the right advice and equipment at a good price.
An excellent and thorough service. Thanks for your help.***** Will recommend to everyone I know.
Very well and always willing to help. Would recommend to others.
Friendly, helpful service. Mike goes out of his way to sort problems. Cannot recommend highly enough.
Excellent service. Very knowledgeable staff. A real pleasure.
Brilliant service and very helpful. Would recommend Computa-Tec!
I would recommend Computa-Tec as you receive very good service all the time.
Top quality, friendly service. Nothing was too much trouble.
I would recommend them because I had additional help downloading software.
Since I have known them from around 2001 I have been impressed with the very high grade of service they have given to me over the years. They are passionate about their work, they take a keen interest in what you want and are ready and willing to offer recommendations and education in computer matters. Their prices are keen and affordable.
Instant attention to my computer problem and a cheap solution. I was impressed and grateful.
An excellent and friendly service. The service was first class.
Excellent advice, first class service - what more could a customer ask for? Computa-Tec 'best of Walsall'? - Certainly.
I had a problem with my Keyboard loosing power even though it was plugged in to the mains. I called Malvern for advice, he came over to my office the following morning & sorted the problem within 1/2 hour. While he was there i asked him to help with the processing speed of my laptop. He gave me a laptop to work on after backing up all my relevant data from mine & set up my email account on the loaned laptop. He cleaned up the storage on the hard drive & the laptop works spot on now! Malvern offers & delivers a top class efficient quality service & i will definitely use him again.
Computa-Tec always offer a very helpful and considerate service.
Always ready to give advice when asked. The repair work is of a high standard, recommend this company to anyone.
Good service for 10 years. With up to date service, advice and reliable information.
I use this firm because they are simply the best,most honest and reliable computer business in the midlands.I have used them in the past for buying equipment from and also sorting out nasty virus problems. I have total confidence in them and have no hesitation in recommending them.
Great service at a fantastic price. I took one of our PC's in and within 24 hours it was ready for collection fully reformatted and working as if brand new. For £30 its much cheaper than buying a new machine. Many thanks from Wallace Crooke.
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