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Only been to cakesadaisy once due to trying to keep healthy and fit but I only live round the corner from this shop and I can honestly say it looks so welcoming, Millie is an absolute Diamond . From being a mom to running a business and never failing to make an amazing product. Please people support these small businesses. ❤️❤️ Carry on the amazing work babe xx
Had a birthday cake made a while back for my daughters birthday, cake was amazing and out of this world.
Follow them on social media, the stuff the shop produces is amazing, love to see what’s on the counter each week! Popped in on few occasions on a Saturday after my daughter finished football, sadly games aren’t played local to shop anymore so I don’t pass it ! Shall be making a visit shortly though cuz I need some Red velvet in my life Lovely little shop and lovely lady and staff
One of my favourite cake shops! Always so lovely, welcoming & delicious cakes! The oreo milkshakes & creme egg brownies are my favourite. Made use of the postal deliveries in lockdown, everything I’ve tried genuinely left me speechless at points it was that tasty! Can’t wait to return to the shop once lockdown is lifted!
Amazing small business. Ran by a woman who works incredibly hard to make everything she does a success. Gorgeous shop and products which taste so so good!!
Ordered my birthday cake from here & it made my lockdown birthday bearable!
Easy & straightforward to order, ready on the agreed day but most of all it looked & tasted incredible!
Never going anywhere else for my sweet treats from now on :-)
Started following in the first lockdown and never managed to get my hands on a postal box however I live locally and was very excited when Milly re opened for take away! Been a fair few times now and have loved everything I’ve ever purchased! Highly recommend the Blondies (any flavour Milly does they’re so good) and I highly recommend warming them up for a few minutes and they just melt in your mouth! Service has always been fantastic with friendly staff even when they’re busy they’ll always have a quick chat! Can’t wait till you can re open and I can come have a coffee and cake!
I couldn't recommend this shop enough. When they were open, I could take my kids there for a treat, meet friends for a catch up over cake and every time, it was a fantastic experience. My youngest even screamed in delight once when he saw his milkshake coming.
Once good old covid hit, Milly and her team went above and beyond to keep the service going. She's constantly keeping her customers updated, she offers them chance to put ideas forward for the counter, she offers the chance for people to reserve items beforehand if they can't make it when the shop opens. She even offered her own recipes before the shop reopened for Saturday counter. How many small baker's do that?
Her treats are generously priced, I wouldn't say expensive at all for the size you receive. The girls are always so happy and nothing seems a bother to them. They're always happy to have a chat, talk to the children, make time for every customer even when it's busy.They've all got families, Milly especially is running this business and being a mum so yes, she has a human reaction and gets stressed. But then she sings to you all or opens with a "hey goys". I've never seen a more interactive shop over social media, there's constant updates and it's amazing.
Food is amazing, girls are amazing, 10/10 recommend just, be'll gain a dress size!
I’ve been to Cakes-a-daisy on many occasions since the shop first opened, everytime the staff are friendly and accommodating they go out of their way to make sure that it’s a really enjoyable visit.
The cake!!!! What can I say they are amazing always, I can guarantee, you will know what you are ordering when you walk in and will come out with more than anticipated because the decision is just to difficult to make when they all look so incredible. Millie also made my wedding cakes, before my wedding got to the end of the night the cake was gone I mean every bit, everyone complimented on how amazing they were. This is definitely a cake shop you need to visit
I don’t know what’s wrong with people these days! I have ordered from Milly for the past couple of years with absolutely no problems.
So because she owns a business you can’t use your social platform to explain how you’re feeling? I for one have struggled over the past 12 months with my mental health, like I’m sure many others have, and seeing Milly’s posts makes me feel like I’m not alone. Everybody likes to express their “perfect” lives on social media and it’s refreshing to see someone like Milly actually being transparent and a genuine person like the rest of us.
Anyway....enough of that! Her cakes on the other hand are to die for always lots of choice and every time I go in the staff are always friendly! Your biscoff millionaires are my personal favourite
Milly has made cakes for my sisters 40th and moms 60th, the latter which I picked up on Saturday. My mom absolutely loved it and her cakes are always so light and packed with decorations!
Don’t stop being you, that’s what makes your cakes so special
I have visited the shop pre covid but during covid I have received a delivery from an online order, collected an order from an online order and have also been able to order for a future event the staff are always friendly and helpful! On a weekend when the shop is open the Instagram page shows what is on the counter days in advance and is always updated (whilst they are busy) to let people know what they have left! Amazing friendly ladies! Can’t wait for my next order.
Excellent little cake shop. Staff always happy to help and cakes are always amazing.
Can't wait for covid to be over so can go and sit in again
Last visited jan/feb. Always a good selection on the counter. Yes owner is crazy 😂 but in a good way. Happy, friendly and is always willing to help. Haters gona hate. You’re smashing it girl! Picture from my Christmas blondie tray. Delish!
Cakes-a-daisy's cakes and bakes are incredible! Always are! Never had an problems and I've been a repeat customer since Milly opened the store!
Having made cakes myself previously I understand how stressful and how much time, effort and hard work goes into making just one cake let alone the amount everyone at cakes-a-daisy make everyday! I also understand that, given the current pandemic, they are working tirelessly to try and provide for as many as possible. Working with the general public is very tasking currently as it seems no matter what you do people just want to complain.
If I want cakes I understand I might have to call 10 times to get through but I get it, THEY ARE BUSY! Milly is running a small local business and they are not available at everyone's beckon call 24/7. Stop treating small businesses like Tesco! They do not have hundreds of staff on hand 24/7 to answer every call or reply to every message instantaneously! You are receiving a very personal service, your food is made with love and care! Not factory produced. Everyone is preaching about "being kind" but currently no one is being kind! Just be patient with them! Personally I love when Milly posts on social media because quite frankly, a lot of the complaints are just downright silly!
Everything these girls make is fantastic, the proof is in the pudding (pun intended!) People queue out the door and down the street in any weather because they are that good! Unfortunately manning social media and emails is a full time job in itself, they make it clear not to try to order via social media, pick up the phone! Reserve and order what you want! Be prepared that they do run out of stock, THEY ARE NOT MASS PRODUCED
Well done ladies, you all do a fantastic job! Keep up the amazing work and hopefully normality will resume!
And remember, when you read negative reviews just think of all the times you yourself have had fantastic service? Did you write a positive review? Most likely not... but If you have had a negative experience, you are far more likely to complain about the bad than praise the good, that is something we as the British public are very good at - moaning!
Through lockdown, we have been ordering online (look out on C-A-D facebook for when you can order!) and they have always arrived the next day, as stated. Cakes are well packed and dont get smashed about in their box which is great. Only a small amount of plastic used too, which is great as the rest can be recycled.
The cakes are delicious, hands down the best we have tried and the cookiedough is perfect. Well worth the price.The shop is always well stocked and updates are available on social media as to what is for sale and stock availability go avoid disappointment.
A well run business!
My favourite cake shop everrrrrrr! Cakes are insane, they taste so so good. I have always received the best customer service whether it be the staff or owner! Always happy, smiling and willing to help.
I have had several cakes from cakes a daisy and I have to say they are simply the best. I ordered a Valentines Day box and no fault on Millies part, the box was not delivered by the courier company. I sent an email to Millie and she called back so apologetic. She then drove a box over to my house. Way beyond what she needed to do. I have nothing but good things to say about her and her cakes. She is a small business trying to survive in unprecedented times and she is doing an amazing job. I would recommend her cakes to anyone. I have added just a selection of cakes that Cakes -a-daisy have made for me
Visited cakes a daisy as I'd been meaning to go for a while and I love local. Was greeted and advised where I could stand in line with social distancing. Hand gels available to use. Only 1 other customer in shop. Was served by the lovely Milly. She was very friendly and professional and thanked me for my custom. Got home ate my cookie dough and it was amazing! So much there i had to share it with my 3 year old and normally I hide away . My partner had a bromine stack and he said it was really nice too! Will be revisiting and would recommend
I have been to cakes a daisy a few times, I had there Christmas afternoon tea a few years ago and was so lovely and staff (I think it was the mum) was so nice! We have been a few times recently and some cakes we’ve had have been quite dry and I find quite expensive at times I understand your paying for the experience and time but some cakes can’t be justified. Also it would be nice for some cakes to have fresh cream instead
Of buttercream all the time.
Some staff have appeared quite rude and impatient but it’s understandable in the current climate things are difficult for everyone.
I’m 50/50 we have had lovely cakes and lovely experiences but sometimes it’s hit and miss.
Iv followed cakes a daisy on social media for a long time but never been able to visit as abit too far away for me to travel. I was amazed as we was in lockdown and Millie decided to do postal drops for me that was amazing as it gave me a chance to finally try her amazing brownies. As stated I follow the shop on social media and every Weekend Millie has the shop open on Saturdays for takeaway service and always without fail she keeps people up to date with what is available. I must say her brownies are the best and get cakes always look amazing.
I have ordered from cakes-a-daisy on a few different occasions and have visited the shop on Saturdays on several occasions over the last year too. The large birthday cake she made for me was amazing, the large cookie and cupcakes I had for Valentine’s Day were also delicious and not forgetting the Mother’s Day cupcakes I had just last weekend.
Every time I have visited the shop I have always felt welcomed and never had a bad experience while there. Staff are friendly and helpful. I generally keep an eye on social media about what will be on the Saturday counter and then phone up to reserve and collect later in the day. I’m happy to do 30-40 minutes round trip to cakes-a-daisy, it’s always been an enjoyable experience. I just need to try the Friday waffles and cookie dough now
Thanks cakes-a-Daisy team
I’ve used cakes-a-daisey several times now over the past couple of years to order cakes and the service I’ve received is always first class, I can’t fault any staff member that I’ve come into contact with and the cakes are always AMAZING!! Milly’s now providing a postal service due to covid and also a take away service on a Saturday. She really does go above n beyond to please all of her customers by continually asking what we’d like to be on the weekly menu-that’s what you call service to me. I can’t wait for the shop to be open again properly so that we’re actually able to sit in again and enjoy the service properly! Keep up the good work Milly, you’re doing a fantastic job.
Ordered a birthday cookie from Cakes A Daisy and it was lovely! Decorated beautifully and tasted so nice, I would definitely order again. Whilst emails are not responded to in the same day I completely understand that and took the time to order way in advance. Thank you so much!
Such a lovely person with a true talent and passion. I love that the menu changes each week, I just wish it was open every day again!
I have been buying products from cakes a daisy since I moved to the area 5 years ago and I only have good things to say about this lovely shop. I probably go once a month for one reason or another, I don’t need a big excuse to go, any excuse will do! I have bought birthday cakes, valentines gifts, brownie slabs and before lockdown I visited for afternoon tea several times. I also used to take my little one to a playgroup where all the cakes were supplied by cakes a daisy. The social media content from this business is informative and (if you actually read properly) you can find out everything you need to know from the highlights. I have never had any problems with ordering (except if it was my own error and even then they were lovely and sorted it for me) and I have never had any problem with contacting them during the hours that are clearly stated they are able to be contacted within.
The boss of this business has 2 children and a life alongside her business which (despite what she may say) looks likes she manages brilliantly. Her staff are gorgeous and are always friendly and work really hard. But most of all the cakes/brownies/cookies and ALL of the other goodies on sale are delicious!! No one is perfect, but who wants to be perfect, it’s BORING. So get down on a Saturday (during lockdown) and support this amazing business because it’s nice to be nice!
Well what can I say apart from See for yourselves go visit ...
⭐️ AMAZING cakes
⭐️FANTASTIC service
⭐️ HUGE amount of variety
⭐️FRIENDLY staff
⭐️CLEAN floors counters and surfaces I’d gladly eat my dinner off
⭐️ EASY to use website
⭐️ EVEN keep you dry with an umbrella whilst waiting for my weekly cake fix
Can’t get no better if you think you can think again TROLLS
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