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Having set up my 1st business venture in Brownhills High Street in October 2010, I have found the Brownhills Town Centre Partnership a great source of knowledge. By attending the regular meetings, I have met a large number of people from local businesses, organisations and Walsall Council all keen to offer help and assistance where needed. The meetings are kept brief but to the point meaning that issues surrounding events, activities & initiatives in and around the Brownhills area are discussed in sufficient detail so as to ensure that decisions are made and issues resolved. The Brownhills Town Centre Partnership has made me aware of grant and advertising schemes that are available to assist me in my new venture and my business has been included in any publicity initiatives that have taken place in the town. A worthwhile committee of like-minded people whose aim is to make Brownhills a more properous town.
Although I have been trading in Brownhills for the last 7 years, I only joined the partnership last year. I have found this to be invaluable, as it helps me to keep in touch with everything that is happening around the area. I personaly have found out about projects happening in the future which will affect my business, I would not have known about this without learning through the partnership. It also gives the opportunity for traders to air their own views and ideas, also to get to know other traders.
This partnership has been valuable for me as I have been able to network and make links with other agencies in this area. As well as finding out what the local issues are, I have been able to promote the activities of our organisation.
If you are local business then I would recommend attending one of the Village Partneship Business meetings, its an ideal opportunity for you to find out whats going on and have your say.
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