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alex sarah and the team always put on a great networking event ,already had 2 jobs from the night .thanks for keeping us plumbers busy . stu ,sp taylor plumbing and gas
Great networking event- highly recommended.
As always useful, informative and very enjoyable. We loooove Best Of Walsall.
Great evening, met some lovely people and great contacts. Love the venue (The Village Hotel).
Thank you for a most informative evening at The Village Hotel. Great for business connections.
Fantastic networking event with Alex's off the cuff style of presentation.
thanks to the best of walsall team .great networking evening .the food was really good .we enjoyed having a stand,the team enjoyed it too,we made some really good contacts .well done. s p taylor plumbing and gas services
Hi Brenda, My sister and I werenʼt sure we would have the energy to attend your networking evening due to the fact we had been so busy that day. However, we took some energy pills, piled on more make-up and changed our clothes into something more presentable. We were quite nervous, being our first networking event but thought we couldnʼt miss an opportunity of meeting likeminded people. Any opportunity to promote a business in the present economic climate is something not to be missed.
Your guest speaker was very entertaining and reminded me of a phrase that I hadnʼt used in years, AIDA, this is a technique that applies to any trade, business or industry and one that I had forgotten to use.
I met some very interesting people at your networking evening some of whom are contacting me with a view to providing business.
Just an idea for the next networking event, it would be great to have a longer period of time to speak to everyone and perhaps have a buffet so that networking could continue throughout the evening, rather than sitting down. I was itching to get out of my seat during dinner to talk to other members.
Great evening!!
Hi Brenda and Team

I really enjoyed the evening on Tuesday. Perfect combination of plenty of new people to speak to and also the speaker was fantastic.
Iʼm already looking forward to your next one in September!

Thanks for a great evening the food was very good and plenty of it. The guest speaker was dynamic and entertaining. The evening was a success in that usefull contacts were made and I look forward to the next one.
Keep up the good work
I have been to a number of Networking Events that Brenda fromThe Best Of Walsall has organised. They have been well attended & have had a varied selection of speakers ,covering all different aspects of business & business growth.
People buy People & Networking Events like these are well worth the time spent attending.

I thought last night was really enjoyable. We met some very interesting people from a variety of businesses. The bingo game really helped to break the ice of the networking event.

Many Thanks. Emma Kemshall, Walsall Endeavours CIC
Dear Brenda,
I would like to offer my thanks for an enjoyable and worthwhile evening. It was refreshing to meet like-minded people who were interesting and interested in Business. I guess that I met only a tenth of the people there however, that leaves me plenty of other opportunities for our next event. Thanks for putting me in touch with one of the people I spoke with during the evening who had run out of cards they had obviously been busy. There was no need to apologise for the ʼbackground noiseʼ if anything was a little bit of an ice breaker (not that one was needed) as it gave us something non-business to talk about. You and your team put on a great first event with a worth & benefit for all concerned.
It strikes me as ʼthebestofwalsallʼ being somewhere between a ʼbreakfast clubʼ and a networking event the likes of which other networking organisers seem woefully inept & without the will to provide.

Well done and many thanks.

Kevin King
General Manager
Pro-Guard Security Ltd
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