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At last after 15 years, someone who actually made a difference!! I had been suffering from chronic headaches for years and during 2008/9 again saw 4 neurosurgeons on referral, had 2 MRI scans, nerve blocks injected into my neck but still the headches. I then saw Belinda Freeman 6 months ago and within the first couple of sessions, knew she was making a difference.

Today I have very few headaches and even when I do they are much less severe. She has helped by taking the time to listen, given me valuable advice and direction, suggested many exercises I could do myself which have helped no end and most importantly opened my eyes to other things in my life having an impact on my body and has addressed these too.

I have had many massages by many people with many different styles over many years but nothing compares to the knowledge, skills and ability of Belinda and I honestly believe I will never contemplate going anywhere else.

Thank you Belinda
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