What would Mary Portas make of customer service in Truro?
1st February 2011
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Did you watch Mary Portas' new show on Channel 4 last Wednesday?

This lady is London's leading retail marketing consultant and she's on a mission to name and shame companies that deliver bad customer service!

Last week she went undercover in the world of sofa superstores revealing an industry that is more interested in sales commission than the customer experience!

As I watched the programme it really struck me how some of these businesses had become so disconnected from their customers!

It's all too frequent that I'm served by people who don't even look up at me let alone engage in any kind of conversation however, that said, in Truro we do have some absolutely FANTASTIC businesses that clearly genuinely care about their customers.

Take Archie Browns cafe for example.  I can't tell you how many times I've been in Archie Browns with my rather boisterous 3 year old son.  He tears up and down weaving his way in and out of the tables sometimes and every time the staff take it completely in their stride.  They really understand their customers needs.  I see lots of frazzled mums like me at Archie Browns and the relief is palpable as some lovely member of the team there brings out a big bunch of crayons and a colouring sheet and sometimes even scoots down next to you for a few moments to have a quick chat with the little ones and make them feel at home!

Do you have a favourite Truro business that always pulls out the stops whenever you visit?  If you do, please tell us about them

Oh and don't miss Mary Portas:  Secret Shopper Wednesday Channel 4 and 9pm!

The lady is fantastic!


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