Does your business identity need a makeover?
10th March 2011
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Liz May from Design Thoughts has been busy this month!  It seems that businesses in Truro are feeling the need to spruce up their 'identity' and have a bit of a makeover.  It got me thinking about what sorts of things you should think about when you're having a logo designed.  I mean - it's really personal isn't it?  

Your logo is the first point of contact with your customer a lot of the time and it needs to convey what you do in a way that will appeal to your customers... so I caught up with Liz to ask her for her ideas on the matter.

Here's what she had to say:

"1. I always make sure I really listen to the client I am working with, what their background information is, and what their company is about. I consider this to be a vital stage of develop, to make sure I am going in a direction that will benefit them.

2. I then go away and do research on what their business is about, and if they have a website, I will look at their existing colours. If they don't have a website, and the brand I am coming up with is new, then I think about a range of colours that may work for the text etc...

3. Competitors..I always look at the client's competitors in their market, and their brand identity. Not to try to copy what is already out there, but how it has been done before, learn from it, and begin to design something different, that will make the client stand out.

4. Once I come up with a design, I like to send these to the client to see how they feel. Normally its a case of trying a variety of different fonts, colour and layout to get the 'look' of their identity right. This is also a vital stage.

5. Once I have got a definite direction, I will consider things like how their identity will work within their market. 

6. The next point I consider is the scale...will it work really small and really big? If not, then I need to go back to the drawing board.

7. The next important point of a brand identity is colour. If the colour looks beautiful with a mix of colour, but doesn't work with one colour (i.e black) then it needs to be developed really. I feel a good logo will work and perform to different situations.

8. I have been advised along the way, when designing an identity to not simply just type something where I can, but to create a develop a font, so it will be unique to that company.

9. Another vital point I try to consider is how the logo will work once it has been given to a client. I do try to advise a client to consider the logo against different backgrounds, and for it to remain as true to how it was designed..i.e not stretched or put against a background colour that it was not intended to work well with.

10. A good identity has room to develop and grow..over time, lots of identities will change, and its exciting to see them flourish."   

If you fancy a bit of a business makeover why not get in touch with Liz to see how she might be able to help you.

She comes highly recommended!  Liz is also offering a rather fantastic discount to thebestof Truro members!  You can get your hands on it here! :)



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