Cat's Protection urge Cat Lovers to come forward
28th January 2011
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The charity Cat's Protection has issued an urgent appeal for cat lovers to step forward after being inundated with a huge surge in the number of abandoned pets.

Truro branch Manager Claire Rowe said that: "This year has started with the centre seeing an increase in the number of requests for help with unwanted cats in Cornwall. In January alone we have taken in over 54. We are appealing to anyone who would like to offer a home to contact the centre."

According to Mrs Rowe ONE local household was forced to give up 17 cats after owners simply could not cope with such a large number and these cats, along with many others, now urgently need to find new, loving homes.

Based at Carnon Downs, near Truro, the centre is now encouraging any owners who need help to get in touch.

"Part of the problem is quite a few people are waiting until they are desperate to get in contact," said Mrs Rowe. "We need a bit more advance warning,"

The Truro centre currently has a waiting list of almost 50 animals who need re-homing.

Reasons for the huge surge in numbers include an increase in owners moving into rented accommodation where pets are not allowed.

If you feel that you could offer a permanent and loving home to a cat please contact the Truro Cat's Protection through their feature or visit their website here.


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