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A one-stop-shop for all your property maintenance requirements, both inside and out! Private or Commercial Property Portfolios and individuals, catered for. From the outside of the front gate, to the outside of the back gate - and everywhere else in between!

If you can't 'Do it yourself' but it needs to be done, Harris Homes , based in Abersychan, are the people to call!


Whatever your property requires, whether it be general maintenance, repair, modernisation, painting, decorating, gas/electric safety checks, servicing and/or installation, gardening, patio/path - clearing or cleaning . . . you name it, Harris Homes  can do it - and at very affordable cost!


Faced with the distractions of modern everyday life, property maintenance often gets put on a 'to-do' list which is eventually determined or limited by the cost/time implications -or the lack of skills to do the job.


Harris Homes  can help with regular routine maintenance, one-off repair or decoration and DIY, Gas and Electricity servicing and certificate issue, path and patio cleaning - or a myriad of other requirements, whatever they may be.


Jeff Harris, who has his own property portfolio, established JH Consultants for that very purpose.


"I became increasingly frustrated with my own attempts to 'juggle' my time between work - first as a Metallurgist, and later as a Foundry Manager and then a School Teacher - and finding the time to do the work that needed doing on my own properties. Worse, when I tried to employ others to do the maintenance work for me, I was seldom completely satisfied with their efforts - or their costs!


So I set about obtaining the qualifications and skills that I would require to do the work, professionally, myself."


In 2007 he obtained his 'Gas-Safe Engineer' certificate and his 'Part-P (17th Edition) Electrical qualification, amongst others - and in 2008, JH Consultants was born.


"I haven't looked back, since!" He says with justifiable pride.


His services are much in demand: From landlords, estate agents, other property portfolio owners - "As well as from 'Mr & Mrs Smith,' who just want their garden cleared and their patio cleaned, or their hall and landing redecorated!"


Jeff doesn't charge for providing no-obligation surveys to estimate or quote for required work.


"It doesn't matter what the job is. Large or small, inside or out! When I'm hired, I make sure that every customer is 100% satisfied with the quality of my work and the service I provide, 100% of the time.


I take great pride in what I do, and I class myself as one of the hardest people in the world to please - so if I'm satisfied, I'm certain my customers will be, too!"


Clearly, this work ethic has earned Jeff his reputation - and explains why his services are always in demand.


A 'local-boy' Jeff is a firm believer in buying-local, whenever and wherever he can. "The 'big-boys' don't care about your local community - they only care about turnover and profit for the shareholders. The mentality is, 'What's the most we can get, for the least we can do?' - I wince at the quality of some of the 'junk' they off-load onto unsuspecting Joe-public - but people are becoming more aware, as time goes by. They're beginning to realise that 'cheap' means cheap - and almost inevitably also means, the job won't last and will have to be done again, sooner rather than later. With me, it's a matter of pride in my work and the materials I use. I want it to last! I want it to look good - weeks, months or even years after I've finished it."


Jeff has never had a dissatisfied or disgruntled customer. His ambition is to keep it that way.


"Remember, I know what it feels like to be over-charged for shoddy, incompetent workmanship. I guarantee you'll never feel that way after using Harris Homes!"













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