Friends of Pontypool Town
  • Pontypool
    NP4 6XX
“Making Pontypool town centre a vibrant, safe and attractive place to live, work and visit”.

The Friends of Pontypool Town plan, develop, organise and deliver a  number of quality events in the town centre each year.

The purpose of these events is to attract people into the town so that they can see what it has to offer and will hopefully come back again.

Friends of Pontypool Town events will focus on the unique selling points of Pontypool, particularly vintage and antique

The Friends of Pontypool Town also organise “tidy-up” sessions for poorly maintained green spaces in the town, working with Keep Wales Tidy to arrange the tidy ups and the Council to secure permissions and publicise the work.

We also help to run campaigns against littering.

The Friends will also work with shopkeepers to improve the visual appearance of their buildings and signage throughout Pontypool.

The Friends of Pontypool Town continue to raise awareness of what the town has to offer to as many residents and visitors as possible, using word of mouth, posters and leaflets to get the word out. The Friends want to raise levels of positivity within the community and then use this positivity to promote the town to visitors.



Latest Reviews

friends of Pontypool Town are doing a great job of encouraging business into pontypool in an attempted to regenerate market and shopping center