What Are The Benefits Of Using The Internet?
29th October 2010
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Benefits Of Using The Internet!

Here I have listed just some of the benefits the internet has given to the community and your home! The internet hasn’t been around all that long but yet it has become a crucial part of people’s everyday life.

Because of local networks communities can offer people numerous advanced media service for everything from public safety and political forums to church services and internet radio stations.

Broadband access has become essential to economic growth, education and health care. Affordable broadband keeps jobs and attracts new businesses. It gives children computer skills to succeed in college and the work force. It expands opportunities for telecommuting and breakthroughs in telemedicine.

The internet has given schools a whole new way to research therefore making it easier for students to complete work efficiently. Not only this but it has helped the school in many other ways like bringing up health records quickly, online registers and some school’s can even show you online what’s for lunch the next day!

The entire internet is one big knowledge resource not just for schools but for everyone, whether it be for business, government, finance, recipes, scientific formulas, medical advice, if fact, every singe human activity or fact  is available of the internet

There are many more benefits I could list but it would go on forever, however I will be writing another blog on the benefits next week! The internet is everywhere you go, even the traffic lights that held you up this morning on the way to work are internet controlled! So for anyone out there that is still scared to have a go, don’t be! The internet will be around for a long, long time and it just keeps getting better and growing everyday. Let me know your opinion of the internet and what the benefits are to you.

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