Top tips for choosing your dream kitchen
6th November 2012
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How many of you have actually gone through the process of buying a kitchen?

No matter how many adverts we see (especially in the run-up to the Christmas and January sales), the chances are that unless you're in the buy-to-let business or a serial 'fixer-upper', you will only choose a kitchen once or twice in your life.

With so many options on offer, and a lot of money to consider for a quality kitchen, it is important that you have some understanding of what you really want. It is very easy to be swayed by the aesthetic appeal of a kitchen but if it doesn't work for you and your family on a day-to-day basis, you could end up with a very attractive but totally impractical and room.

Dream Furniture specialises in the design and installation of high quality kitchens in and around Thurrock, and is dedicated to ensuring that clients have considered the following questions before choosing their perfect kitchen:

  • Use your current kitchen as inspiration. Are the sink, cooker, boiler, fridge etc where you want them to be or could they be better placed elsewhere? 
  • How are you planning on using your kitchen? Is it mainly for preparing and cooking meals or do you want to use it as a social or living space? 
  • Will pets have access to the room? Will they be eating and sleeping in the kitchen? Do you need to look into practical materials to ensure they don't ruin your expensive units? (and don't forget small children, who can often be more destructive than animals!) 
  • Do you want an eating area in the kitchen? If so, would you want a free standing dining table or would a breakfast bar be a better idea? 
  • Do you like to display your pots, pans, crockery etc? Or are you more comfortable with your belongings being behind closed (solid) doors? 
  • Do you tend to all congregate in the kitchen and barely use the dining room? Is there are a way to bring the two rooms together to create one large living space? 
  • Will your kitchen also be used as a homework/washing/ironing space? 
  • Are you thinking timeless, traditional or contemporary? Fitted or freestanding? 

Covering Thurrock and beyond, Dream Furniture can cater for all discerning palates, offering a personal service, lots of ideas and experience and 3D designs so you can visualise your proposed kitchen. The team will work with you to create and install a kitchen that surpasses your dreams... contact Dream Furniture today for more information.

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