Thurrock DIY Store Hammers Out Your DIY Dilemmas With Friendly Advice
31st August 2011
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In the current economic climate, there has never been a more timely moment to start doing those odd DIY jobs you’ve been delaying yourself instead of calling the builders in, says Thurrock local DIY store Your DO IT Yourself Centre.


But is seems Britons are continuing to shy away from DIY projects because they lack basic DIY skills and find DIY stores too intimidating. Many can’t remember the names of the items they need and feel embarrassed asking for advice from their favourite Thurrock DIY store. 


A recent survey, for example, from TV channel Home found that despite 80% of Britons owning a toolbox, most have no idea what to do with it with 70% of people relying on a handyman to carry out simple jobs such as putting up a shelf. 


The channel has now launched a Seize the DIY campaign to promote DIY and encourage people across the country to have confidence in themselves and give simple DIY tasks a go.


Deborah Stewart, joint owner of the Your DO IT Yourself Centre in Thurrock, said: “Our customers praise us for the expertise and helpfulness they receive from an independent store compared to the superstores so those who are terrified of DIY are exactly the customers we would love to come and visit so we can help them!

“We often find that the ladies come in mid week to get the requests their husbands have given them, and often they don't know the names of things they want. We think it’s more a case of the guys sending the women in because they are too embarrassed to come in themselves and say they want a “thingy” that stops the “watsit” from dripping!

“The English language doesn't help either. For example, “I need a plug” could be a rubber thing to put in the bath or an electrical device to make a power tool work. “I want a bolt” could be something to lock the bathroom door or something to hold two pieces of wood or metal together.”


“We'd like to say don't be intimidated by the local independent DIY shop as it’s our job to understand what a “thingy” is and work out how best to help the customer describe or draw what it is they think they want and then explain that actually what they need is completely different!


Thurrock’s Your DO IT Yourself Centre is located in Saint John’s Way, Corringham, Standford-le-Hope. 


For more information about its DIY products and services call 01375 673014 or click here. 




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