Three Reasons to Consider a Wood Burning Stove,
15th May 2017
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What are the benefits?


Grid based systems are costly, gas, and oil are mostly imported –  and energy prices are confusing – which tariff are you on and what tariff should you be on for maximum fuel efficiency? One sure way to avoid costing the earth is to abdicate from grid based supplies and acquire a top-notch wood burning stove. Your wood burning stove can be installed and connected to household heating systems, whilst there are costs these can be clawed back in time because of savings on fuel. Seasoned hardwood is best because it burns more slowly.


Unseasoned logs are cheaper, you could buy them and store them if you have space. Timber supplies are harder to find in some larger towns and thereby more expensive. To reduce the cost people may choose to burn only smokeless fuel and not to maintain environmental integrity, check first.



Gas, and oil are not renewable, once it has one it has gone. As both consumables are imported and traded globally the prices are beyond the control of the United Kingdom Government, therefore there is no price control, and isn’t likely to be any in the foreseeable future. Sustainable timber supplies can be locally sourced and are not dependent on global markets.

Carbon footprint,

The Forestry Commission have recommended that ‘millions of trees are planted to cover an extra 4% of the UK in woodland, equivalent to 30,000 football pitches a year, increasing the UK’s total woodland cover to 16%’.

If you use dry logs from a local source they can be one of the cheapest forms of energy. The cost per kW of useful energy is now around 4p, but wood logs can even be free if you have space (and time) to grow your own, something that can’t be said of gas or electricity.

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