Social Media Is Invading The Home!
14th October 2010
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How Has Social Media Affected Your Home?


Social media websites have been around for a number of years now, without you even knowing they are there! You may have even used such sites long before Facebook and Twitter. Social media websites come in all kinds of forms varying from social blogs to instant messaging and emailing. The term “social media” has only been around since 2004, when LinkedIn launched their social network application. Since then the term has stuck and risen remarkably.


5 Ways Social Media Has Changed Everyday Life:


1. Everyday news


This is not the type of news you see on TV or read in the paper, but instead personal news, for example what your friends are up to. For a lot of people checking things like Facebook and Twitter over breakfast, lunch and dinner has become more of a priority than the latest headlines!


2. Starting or improving a business


Not everyone can see the potential of these websites and the opportunities they provide. It can connect you and your business to a range of people that you may never have been able to advertise to before.


3.  Staying in touch


Social media is one of the most recognised ways of staying in touch with friends and family all over the world. Think about it you could be spending hundreds of pounds on phone calls or sending letters that will not be received for days and sometimes even weeks! Why not do it for free and instantly online?


4.  Revealing of lives


Not only can you find things out about others and businesses but you can share things about yourself. This can be from what you had for breakfast to where in the world you are. Usually people write things that others can find interesting and can interact with.

5.  Ability to influence


Social media can have a big influence on people’s lives. An example of this is that x-factor; one of the biggest television shows at the moment was changed by Facebook! The Christmas number 1 is always without doubt the x-factor winner, that was until Facebook changed it. A petition was made on Facebook for all the people who did not want this to happen anymore and sure enough it worked!


Social Media and Education


Social media has also changed a lot in education. It has been scientifically proven that social media can assist students in solving their engagement crisis. Lack of engagement has become the main reason for students’ expulsion both from courses and colleges. Social media engages them into close communication and helps to collaborate with their teachers. Facebook and Twitter are now considered the fasted way of finding information that could be of great value for students. These websites can also be used for discussion in the classroom. Various blogs can be utilized to encourage creative writing and to enrich grammar skills.


To conclude, social media is growing and affecting everything in its path. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It is predicted than soon enough social media will be as important to you as your mobile, and where would you be without that?

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